“Shyplant should be returning by now. Hope she has the answer.”

        As the King of Plantdom, Welwitschia had always been devoting to his country. Right now, he had a lot of things to worry about: Chaos caused by the political conflict between Hyacinth and Strelitzia; The intelligent Cornflower stepping out of politics after the accident had happened to his fiancee; Rebels lurking outside the enchantment; Worst still, the halo of Mother Tree was diminishing. Without it, floral-elves would be doomed.

        In order to locate the root cause, Welwitschia assigned his agent Shyplant to investigate. But her absence made him anxious, for she was supposed to return around these days. At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

        “Who’s this?” Welwitschia asked loudly, hoping the visitor to be Shyplant.

        “Your majesty, it’s May Lily.” It was the voice of a young male-elf.

        “...Come in.” Disappointment could be heard from Welwitschia’s tone. Still, May Lily was like his own son to him, for he owed May Lily’s father a big one and May Lily grew up with Cornflower.

        Meanwhile, May Lily entered the room silently. Despite the fact that he wasn’t a talkative type, his expression told Welwitschia that something had happened.

        “Anything wrong? Did Cornflower do something stupid?”

        “No…” May Lily paused and took a thing out. “Because of this.”

        Welwitschia didn’t expect to see Shyplant’s leaf.

        “What...what happened to her?”

        “She’s not coming back. She was killed outside the enchantment.”

        “So it’s true…” It wasn’t easy for Welwitschia even though he had prepared for this news.

        “Did she tell you anything? Do you know who killed her?”

        “She wanted me to tell you that the halo of Mother Tree was absorbed by a skyscraping tower outside the enchantment, and beware of an elf called Papaver outside. She also wanted you to forgive her, for she could only return your favour in next life,” said May Lily, quoting Shyplant’s last words.

        Welwitschia’s heart sank; he mumbled, “so the outcasts are finally starting the uprising...Was she painful?”

        “Not really,” said May Lily, dragging his clothes. Welwitschia noticed his sign of lying, but knowing the way she died wouldn’t change anything, so he stopped asking.

        No matter the power struggle between his children, the threat from the outcasts or the feeble Mother Tree, everything was already too much for the old Welwitschia to deal with. It was time to pass the crown on to someone who can inherit his faith.

        Welwitschia took a bottle of purple potion from his cabinet, which was the royal poison. While May Lily was still in confusion, Welwitschia had already emptied the whole bottle. It was too late for May Lily to stop him.

        “Don’t worry. I won’t be killed by this portion. This is the only way to plead with Cornflower.”

        Welwitschia’s face turned pale very soon, and he whispered, “Hyacinth and Strelitzia will come here to meet me very soon...I just have to make it till then...I’m counting on enlighten Cornflower...with the truth about this country…”

        “Leave it to me. I’ll help him get back on his feet.”

        Welwitschia nodded while coughing more seriously. He staggered and fell onto his chair; when May Lily was trying to give him support, Welwitschia told him to go away.


        May Lily retreated his hand immediately and left the palace without catching guards’ attention, going back to Cornflower. Later on, they received the news of Welwitschia being poisoned...

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