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        Amor had always thought that their master Diarmuid would return one day as long as she and her sister kept waiting for him. Yet, year after year, their wait proved vain. Could those flickers of starlight be his final destination? She did not believe that. Whenever she looked upon the stars hanging in the sky, she would recall everything she had been through with her master.

        “Master will be back,” said Amor with absolute certainty, her eyes gazing fixedly at the starry night sky.

        As the old saying goes, where there is love, there is jealousy. Diarmuid’s love manifested as Amor, while Celos was the physical embodiment of his jealousy. Yet, despite her origin, Celos was unemotional and quiet, without a trace of jealousy. Nothing could catch her attention except her master. The day when master and his lover disappeared into flickers, a faint, sad smile flitted over Celos’ face who was always sternly cold. It was the first time Amor saw her smile, albeit one accompanied by sorrow.

        As the strongest warrior of his kingdom, Diarmuid, along with his weapons, were granted titles. His two weapons were titled using the meaning of two kind of roses— Red Rose of Loyalty and Yellow Rose of Duplicity. Nevertheless, Diarmuid treated them not as tools but as his children, and loyal comrades. With his native dialect, he named them Amor and Celos, which meant love and jealousy. Diarmuid fought with them in love and passion. Slowly they developed consciousness, and later immortal forms after they had absorbed the gore of blood on battlefields. Finally, they even acquired souls.

        Looking at Celos beside her, Amor stretched her arms out and hugged her sister tight. Her delicate body trembled, tears already running down her cheeks.

        “Will Master really come back?”

        Celos sensed her worry and fear, but she did not know how to comfort her sister, so all she could do was to bury herself inside Amor’s embrace. Under the shimmering night sky, the sisters cuddled and fell asleep tranquilly... However, they did not notice the corporeal lances behind them, Red Rose and Yellow Rose, were flickering with soft, black glimmers.

        “Jealousy comes from love. Our only wish is to wipe out all obstacles for Master!” — Rosa Sisters - Amor & Celos.