An odd-looking male-elf was standing on the street; because of his appearance and intense odor, all the elves passing were throwing him a glance with disgust. As he knew how everybody felt about him, he lowered his head to avoid any eye contact. Meanwhile, someone pounced on him, knocking him down on the ground suddenly.

        “Rose, not again! Can’t you just say hi like a normal girl?” Nepenthes complained.

        “That’s the way I am! It’s not like the first day we met. Do I look like a sweet bae to you?” Rose sat up and made fun of Nepenthes.

        “You’re such…” Nepenthes smiled. Indeed, Rose had always been candid throughout the time they had spent together, from childhood friendship to lovers. Her recklessness and straight-forward had always made him worried, yet they were also the reason he fell for her. Nepenthes didn’t realize their inappropriate posture until he heard the giggles of the other elves.

        “Mmm...Mind getting off me first?”


        Looking closely, Rose found herself sitting on Nepenthes, which was quite an inappropriate posture especially in public.

        “S-s-stop what you’re thinking!” The blushing Rose stood up immediately.

        Nepenthes giggled; he’d forget the fact that he was a social outcast as long as he’s with her. In Rose’s eyes, Nepenthes was never an alien. After all the hypocritic nobles she had seen, she’d rather be with elves like him.

        Rose went home after her date with Nepenthes, and she saw the most repelling elf once she stepped into her house——Hyacinth the eldest prince of Plantdom, who was chatting with her father. The sweet talk of Hyacinth disgusted her. She would be more than happy if she could reveal his lies, but her father wouldn’t let her.

        “Father, I’m back.”

        “Rose, Prince Hyacinth has been waiting for you.”

        When Hyacinth was about to speak, Rose took the initiative and said, “sorry but I’m in the middle of something.”

        She headed to her room immediately no matter how many times her father called. Before she stepped into her room, someone pulled her arm. As she expected, that elf was Hyacinth.

        “Your highness, please behave yourself,” said Rose, flinging his grab away.

        “Smart girl like you should know how I feel.”

        “Thanks, your highness. Sorry that I can’t be with you, for I’m already taken.”

        “Tell me! Who wins your heart?”

        “Smart man like you should know that love and ability are not related.”

        Rose shut Hyacinth out right after the conversation, as if spending one more second with him would make her puke. Meanwhile, she picked up a strong odor outside of the window. Looking outside, Nepenthes was standing on the street just as she expected.

        This was his habit. He only felt relieved when he saw Rose is in her room, despite the fact that she was safe at home; This was her addiction. Nepenthes was the reason why she was so desperate to go back. His existence delighted her; all her negativity disappeared at the moment when he smiled at her.

        Rose once believed that they would be happily ever after, until the military announced a list of rebels…

        “How come…This is impossible!” Rose was shivering when she got the list, for Nepenthes’s name was on it. Rushing to his residence, she was already too late as the place was raided and empty.

        “Where is he? Is he...No. I gotta find him!” Even when it was raining heavily, Rose put herself at risk and ran all the way to the prison. She entered the prison with her privilege as a noble. The moment when she picked up the familiar odor, she knew that she had come to the right place. Peeping through vines, she found Nepenthes in the jail cell at the end of the hallway.

        “I’m glad that you’re fine! I’ll call someone to set you——” Rose was cut off.

        “No need,” said Nepenthes in a low voice, as if he was hiding something.

        “What are you talking about? You’re so important to me, and I——”

        “Please stop. I’m too humble to accept your kindness. Please go home. This is not a place for a noble like you.”

        “If my status bothers you, I can give it up.”

        “It won’t help. Elves like you will never know how it feels like to live in the bottom of the world. You and I can never be happy together.”

        Turning his back on her, Nepenthes stopped responding no matter how many times Rose called him.The dejected Rose decided to go home with a shattered heart.

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