In the square of the Evergreen Palace, crowds of floral-elves were gathered there stretching, getting ready for the coming contest. At a corner, a sweet-looking elf Rosemellow was surrounded by flatterers.

        “Rosemellow is gonna crush this!”

        “Everyone here is no match for you!!”

        Flattered by the compliment, Rosemellow came to the arena confidently. Yet there was no opponent, and the deadline was closing.

        “Did my opponent chicken out because of me? I’m such a special one,” Rosemellow grinned with joy as she thought.

        At this moment, the referee raised his hand and announced, “Since a contestant failed to show up in time, I now declare that——”

        “Wait! I’m here,” said a low female voice up above, drawing the attention of all elves in the square. Above a tower, a female elf Strelitzia stepped on the fence and jumped down. When she was descending, her hair spread like a pair of wings at her back; the sunlight that shone on her back formed a dazzling halo.

        Whoosh! Strelitzia landed right in front of Rosemellow and looked her in the eyes.

        Lub-dub! Rosemellow’s heart raced as she was stunned by the beauty of Strelitzia. She was speechless until Strelitzia reached to her, bringing her back to reality.

        “Sorry for being late. I was caught up in work. Luckily the shortcut got me here on time. Let’s have a brilliant fight!”

        Rosemellow was completely carried away by the charisma of Strelitzia. At that moment, shaking hand was all she could react.

        The battle then displayed a drastic difference between them. Strelitzia kicked Rosemellow’s butt without breaking a sweat, and Rosemellow didn’t even get a chance to attack. Then Strelitzia left without looking at Rosemellow.

        “She’s the authentic outstanding elf.” Holding this thought, Rosemellow tossed and turned all night long. As she stared at the ceiling, she realized that even “outstanding” wasn’t an adequate word to describe how she felt about Strelitzia. A tremendous desire of possessing her was lit up inside.

        Rosemellow tried every way to approach Strelitzia, but “no” was all she had received, which worried her.

        She didn’t make any progress until she saw Strelitzia walking with a female elf intimately. Sniffing around, she found out that the elf was Sakura.

        After some effort, Rosemellow befriended Sakura and managed to blend into their group. Even so, Strelitzia never noticed Rosemellow’s feelings about her. She didn’t get the answer until the night of the Mid-Autumn Ceremony.

        Arriving at the ballroom, the dressed-up Rosemellow went to Strelitzia and asked excitedly, “how do I look today?”

        “So cute. Way better than me,” said Strelitzia without looking at Rosemellow. She was completely distracted by Sakura standing under a tree ahead, who was having a delightful conversation with a male elf May Lily.

        “I wish I could be happy with Strelitzia like they do someday…”

        Envying the intimacy between Sakura and May Lily, Rosemellow said, “they look so close together. I heard that they’ve known each other since little. It’s very likely for them to get married——”


        “...Are you alright?” Rosemellow was startled by Strelitzia’s sudden yell.

        “Nothing. Sorry about that.” Despite Strelitzia’s denial, her attention was still glued to Sakura and May Lily. Rosemellow recognised that it was a gaze of jealousy.

        “Did she give me the cold shoulder because of May Lily?” A strong jealousy occupied Rosemellow. “...I gotta find out!”

        At late night, Rosemellow approached May Lily and tripped herself intentionally. When she fell into May Lily’s embrace, she found that Sterlitzia wasn’t even looking at her. Meanwhile, May Lily lifted her up and asked, “is it really that hard for the nobles these days to watch their way?”

        “Rude!” Pushing May Lily away, Rosemellow ran away immediately.

        “This is strange. If she doesn’t like May Lily, then her jealousy…”

        Rosemellow followed Strelitzia’s gaze, and it led her to Sakura, who was with Cornflower. The truth was finally revealed.

        “Why her…”

        Jealousy got the best in Rosemellow; a wicked thought appeared in the twisted mind.

        “Right. Once she’s gone, then I’ll become the one for Strelitzia.”

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