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Minerelves’ Record Story (Prequel) Ch. 2

        At night, Kingdom Raimonia was peaceful, except the buzzing central area. The light surrounding the castle brightened the streets like daytime.

        A crowd of nobles in extravagant apparels came to the castle one after another to join the king’s feast.

        In the ballroom, a servant came to the stage. “Your majesty, all the guests have arrived, and everything is ready,” he reported to the king.

        This king appeared to be a kid, but his actual age was older than anyone present in the room. Minerelves were born to have a mature body. Since their ages grew older, the gems inside would start to peel off; their bodies would become smaller, and their faces would become younger as a kid.

        The king showed a kind smile. “Thank you. We should not keep the guests waiting. Let’s get started.”

        The servant then backed off with a nod. The king swaggered to the stage. Soon, every elf was silent, to respect the king’s speech.

        “Thank you for joining the feast tonight.” The king continued, “the main reason for inviting you here is to introduce my heir who is also my grandson——”

        Suddenly, a dress-up girl, who was the king’s granddaughter, rushed to the king from backstage and whispered into his ears as she bent. “Bad things happened, grandpa! Our plan has exposed. And Diamond fled when he said he need to use the washroom!”

        “This kid is messing around again!” The king suppressed his anger as he did not want to embarrass himself in front of the guest. “My apologies. Excuse me but my grandson is feeling unwell now. Please enjoy the supper.”

        The king gave servants a wink to signal them to serve the dishes, distracting their attention from the king.

        At the moment, he walked out of the ballroom with granddaughter to the guest room. Inside which, a few elves already assembled, with their full attention to the king.

        “The city gate is heavily guarded. That kid is not possible to go out. He must be somewhere in the castle. Split up and find him!” As he ordered, the elves took immediate action to different places in the castle in search of Diamond’s whereabouts.

        When the king was about to go outside, a sudden thought flashed in his mind. He stopped to ponder while gazing at the ballroom.

        “The most dangerous place is the safest…” The king returned to the ballroom, passing through the crowd of elves. With his sharp eyes, soon he found the target——Diamond in disguise as female.

        “Tut!” When Diamond knew he was exposed, he escaped at once followed by the king’s chase. At this moment, a hide and seek began.

        “You naughty kid must have known that I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of the guests...Humph! Don’t underestimate me!” The king wore a smile and triggered the power. With the catalysis of the element, his body had a dramatic change, splitting into different clones.

        The clones split up to pursue Diamond from all directions without alerting the guests. Soon he was caught and taken to the guest room.

        “Why are you running away?” The king questioned Diamond being subdued. Hearing the words, Diamond was provoked to raise his head.

        “You know WHY! If it wasn’t your cunning scheme to force me to accept the throne and fiancée, why would I have been running from you!”

        “You’re the blood of the royal family. This is your responsibility.”

        “Screw the responsibility! I want to adventure around the world. This stubborn kingdom makes me sick!”

        “Adventure?” In the face of Diamond’s shout, the king smiled but carried a touch of sorrow. “Adventure makes me lose my son. I don’t wanna lose you too.”

        The king’s son, also the father of Diamond, was still gone missing after exploring the world outside. The king’s sorrow put out Diamond’s anger like water, but it still could not waver his determination.

        “Father is father, and I’m me. Grandpa, trust me. I won’t die.” Diamond triggered his power to resonate with the gem. Once crystallized, he broke free from the clone easily.

        Diamond spread his arms, showing his glittering body. “I’m tough. This is what I inherited from your blood.”

        The king looked at Diamond with mixed feelings. The weak him in the past had grown mature with free will.

        “Alright.” The king heaved a deep sigh. “I’ll free you from the throne if you can fulfill my condition.”

        “No problem. No matter what monsters I’m gonna fight, I’ll prove it to you!”

        The king shook his head. “Strength is not the only thing you need to the world outside...From next week, you transfer to the Minerelf Girls’ School. If you can graduate without letting anyone discover your disguise, you’ll have my trust .”

        Then, they silenced for a moment.

        “You’re kidding me, aren’t you,” asked Diamond.

        “I’m serious. Or you wanna say you can’t do it?”

        “Of courseI can! Do honour your promise!” Goaded, Diamond denied determinedly and walked away.

        “His fiancée is also studying at that school. Perhaps she will change his mind…” The king knew that Diamond’s heart would not shake by using hard-line approach. So he had no choice but to place his hope on her…