Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 7

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

When the junior students of the Minerelf Girls’ School were enjoying this peaceful lunch break, someone ruined the wonderful time——a senior student Ruby.

Pursuing a junior, Ruby had a maniac glitter in her wide-opened eyes. Everyone at the scene was too frightened to interfere because of Ruby’s lunatic aura.

“You must be curious about the outer world! Then you gotta join the voyager club!” Ruby persuaded the junior enthusiastically.

“N-No! I don’t want this!” The junior screamed helplessly while running away from Ruby.

Her pleading didn’t make Ruby give up, who sped up even faster. She raised the hand-written flyer and shouted, “never say never too soon. Read the club intro before you make a decision!”

“No! I don’t want to!”

“How dare you defy a senior’s advice...Looks like you still have much to learn!”

Ruby summoned her power to crystalize her arms, turning into two gun barrels. Red sparks were gathered inside.

Bang bang bang! Few crimson heart-shaped pins were shot from the barrel.

The junior was pinned onto a wall by the gem pins precisely. At this moment, Ruby was approaching to put the flyer into her palm——

Swish! A threatening slash cut the flyer into half. Next second, an elf with charcoal complexion stood between them, pointing her sword at Ruby.

“You again, Ruby. How many times have I told you to stop forcing students to join your club? Why are you disturbing the student again!” Another girl Obsidian confronted resentfully.

“I didn’t! I’m just promoting my club! You can’t frame me even though you’re our student union president!”

“Stop your quibble. I won’t tolerate any kinds of threatening promotion in this school, and you must receive your punishment today!”

The furious Obsidian was glowing gloomily, which intimated Ruby to step back.

“I can’t win her. Better run now.” Ruby made up her mind and turned away decisively.

“Stop right there!”

“You say that every time. Catch me if you can!”

Obsidian was pissed off even more when Ruby made a troll face at her.

As the situation escalated into a pursue, Ruby climbed up a tree in the school’s garden to get rid of Obsidian.

“Where the hell is she!” Obsidian yelled as Ruby was nowhere to be seen. Very soon, she decided to search in another place and left the scene. Meanwhile, Ruby was amused to giggle when Obsidian got tricked.

“Obsidian is still so rigid as always.”

However, Ruby’s mischief got punished by karma very soon——a strong wind blew away all her flyers.

“NOOO! Don’t blow them away! I’ve spent a whole week to draw these flyers!” As she leaned forward instinctively, she forgot that she was on a tree, falling down immediately.

“AHH!” “WHOA!” Two screams sounded at the same time.

“Huh? Why didn’t it hurt?” Ruby figured out the reason before long——a silver-haired “girl” had become her buffer.

“Ouch...Why do I keep getting knocked over lately…” The girl, who was actually a boy Diamond in disguise for some reasons, took off the flyer on his face while rubbing his waist.

“Is this...the totem of primitive dragons?” The squinting Diamond mumbled when he read the flyer. Next second, he got his cheeks pinched by Ruby.

“You know it! You know what it is! I...I...I’m speechless out of excitement...Please join my club!”

“I, I head ye...Jut let go firt. (I, I heard you...Just let go first.)” Diamond, grabbed by Ruby, slurred the words with a pale face, for he couldn’t hold the nausea any longer——the sickness caused by skinship with the opposite sex.

“Welcome on board. You’re the first member of the club!” Ruby announced in thrill, letting go as soon as Diamond agreed.

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