Descended from a line of Mechs, Philena’s family were all famous machinists of their time. However, as the only offspring of her immediate family, she chose a different path and became of scholar of World History. Since she chose World History as her major, her parents often complained that she did not inherit the family’s craft. As conflict and tension between Philena and her parents grew, on the day of her graduation, Philena got on her motorcycle and took her first birthday gift from her father, a machine bird messenger, and began her adventure alone.

        “Humans in great times are humans with little importance.” Philena murmured to the machine bird. Even if the bird could hear her, it could only reply with chirps. During her half year of travelling, she traveled across the Realm from east to west. She set up camps everywhere and cooked for herself, even under extreme conditions. This feeling of “little importance“ grew during her journey.

        Unfolding the world map, she took the compass and tried to figure out the path to her destination. She tiredly said: “The ancient legacy, the so-called convergence of civilizations, are said to be in the human realm. Is it only accessible by Gods and Demons?” She sighed and looked up at the stars. The stars in the wild looked brighter than usual. Looking into the distance, Philena saw a shivering light spot...

        “What’s that...” Philena instructed the machine bird to find out what it was. After a while, Philena, who was asleep, was waken by her machine bird. Upon opening her eyes, she saw the bird’s claws grabbing onto a glittering metal.

        “Is this the light spot?” Philena asked, but the machine bird only replied by fluttering its wings and pointing at the metal. Philena picked up the metal. It was extremely light and flexible. Sometimes it was cold while at the other times it was hot. Even Philena, from a family of machinists, had never seen metal like this before. Surprise, she tried to search for more clues about it, but as the sun rose, no more stars or light spots were detectable.

        “According to documents, there was an armor in the Babylonian era, which could transform elemental power. Is this the kind of metal that was used to make the armor?” Philena was excited. She knew for certain that the ancient legacy was somehow related to the light spot. Thus, she packed her backs and continued her journey, heading northwest.

        However, it was not an easy journey. During this month, she kept walking to the northwest. She visited one town after another and stopped to visit any legacies related to the Gods. Among the legacies, the statue of a wolf in the Temple of Sin impressed her the most. “Rumor has it that the giant wolf was enormous. What is the world like in its eyes?” Thinking of this, she suddenly realized that she could never gather clues from the sky because she was walking on the earth. “If only I could fly...”

        When night fell, she once again summoned the machine bird and instructed it to fly towards the light spot. This time, it brought back elemental metals. Philena also seized this opportunity to calculate how much time it used. She marked the Temple of Sin in the southwest, the Main Temple of Babylon and the Ancient Battlefield as trial points, and instructed the machine bird to travel to each point. After comparing the distances, It would only take 45 minutes from the Main Temple of Babylon to the light spot.

        After marking the starting point, Philena decided to make an aircraft. She understood that Wolfert and Ernst’s aircraft was popular, but it required a lot of resources and took time to build. Fortunately, she once consulted her father on how to make the machine bird. Thus, she applied her understanding of machinery and took out the engine from her motorcycle, using the rest of the material to make a pair of wings, which she shaped according to the machine bird’s wings. She then installed the engine between the pair of wings. However, there was no wind in the Main Temple, so the aircraft could only slide on the ground.

        “Birds can fly without wind...” Philena carefully looked at the machine bird. While it chirped, wind emitted from its mouth. Turns out there was a piece of propeller in its mouth. In an instant, an idea came to mind. She took out all the elemental metals the bird gathered, made it into a propeller and installed it into the aircraft.

        When night fell, she started the aircraft’s engine. Following the machine bird, she gradually flew towards the light spot.

        “I did it! This time I will definitely…!” As Philena was excited about her successful aircraft, a strange sound emitted from the engine, and her aircraft began to crash! ”Hel...Help!” Philena thought it was the end of the line for her, when surprisingly, the aircraft stopped descending midair while she felt heat on her back. Turning around, Philena saw the elemental metals had transformed into a fire, stably propelling the aircraft. Philena carefully adjusted her body and piloted the aircraft towards the light spot.

        Forty-five minutes later, the stars faded and the sky began to brighten up. There was also no trace of the light spot. On the edge of a cliff’ stood a giant figure. “Is this the ancient legacy? Without a propeller or wings, it’s suspended midair...” Upon setting her foot out of the aircraft, Philena saw half of the ancient temple was in ruins. However, she didn’t immediately enter the temple. Instead, she took out a pen and a piece of paper, and wrote a letter to her parents.

        “People think the future is unpredictable, without realizing that a lot still remains unknown in the past.” Saying those words to the machine bird, she attached elemental metal to the letter, gave the letter to the bird and instructed it to fly to her hometown. She hoped to tell her parents about the past and something new she learned about machines...

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