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        “Darned pirate! You’re the reason why we won’t have enough food for this winter!” A man angrily complained as he threw pieces of ice at another man who was hung upside down. “I’ll make you suffer!” A woman also picked up a piece of ice and threw it at the hanging man — he was the pirate found robbing the village. All the villagers gathered and cursed at him because of the crime he had committed.

        The man’s face reddened from being hung upside down for a long period of time, but he did not show any signs of pain and merely licked away the blood flowing down his lips, as if he did not take the villagers seriously. No one would have thought that he was actually thinking about how well his own blood tasted. Seeing such an arrogant expression on the man’s face, the villagers’ anger grew even more; they started punching and kicking the man.

        Suddenly, a girl came running from the village: “Some...someone’s ransacking our village!”

        The villagers hurriedly returned home, only to find that all their valuables had been taken while other objects were scattered on the floor. A gigantic ship with a thick metal board attached to its bow docked at the village coast where people wearing pirate clothing loaded boxes of food onto their ship.

        “Our village is surrounded by icebergs! How did they get in here?!” The villagers were both angry and confused.

        “Forget about how they got in! Let’s find a way to get our food back!”

        “Humph! This is worth all the hanging.” Upon hearing this sentence, the villagers turned around and was surprised to see the man who was hung upside down standing in front of them. Before they could react, the man had already knocked them unconscious with his bear hands.

        “Hm...blame yourselves for making my blood rush to my head, getting me all hot headed.”

        The pirates were busy loading the plunder when they had a vague feeling that something was missing, but none could figure out what it was. They hoisted the sail, and just as the ship was moving along the current and into the open sea, a person with a sack of food yelled at them with a mouth full of ham, “You guys are rebelling, huh? Without me, do you know where you’re going?” “Ahhh! We forgot about captain Leif!” It was not until they realized they had forgotten their captain did the pirates lower a rope for him, but Leif merely smiled. Although the ship was sailing at an increasing speed, Leif did not hurry himself. He ran toward the rope but with a powerful leap and the support of the ship’s edge, Leif still easily boarded the ship without any help from the rope.

        When he stood on the ship’s deck again, the current blew the ship toward an iceberg that was much larger than the ship itself. However, Leif calmly controlled the steering wheel. He even increased the ship’s speed and went straight toward the iceberg! The thick armor on the front of the ship broke the iceberg into pieces and the ship sailed safely into the sea. The ship was Leif’s pride; it was also the reason why Leif became the infamous pirate captain among areas in the frigid zone.

        “Leif! Our marvelous cap — Ouch!” Before the pirate could finish his sentence, Leif gave him a hard knock on the head, and gazed at his companions with anger: “If I wasn’t there as bait, you think you could have gotten all this food?”

        “Of course not! Without your great sacrifice, our plan wouldn’t have worked! We have faith in you, and we believed that you could make it back safely!” Though the pirate tried to explain, Leif probed further, “Hm, I see. Then, why was the ship out on the sea when I haven’t even gotten on board?”

        “Because we’re stupid! We only remembered to grab as much as we can. We’re not like our clever captain, who knows how to make an icebreaker, and even excels in using tactical strategies!” As they said that, they slightly slapped themselves on the mouth. The words accomplished their intended effect on Leif and delighted him. He took a large bite out of the fat meat and gestured his subordinates come close. The pirates finally relaxed and started gorging at their plunder.

        Leif continued his journey of piracy. With knowledge of the frigid zone as his weapon, Leif invaded other villages and defeated enemy ships by luring them toward icebergs. His name began to spread across places outside the cold area...