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        The wartime skies were always grey, with thunder echoed everywhere. Dark clouds hung in the sky.

        Thrud looked north. Cold wind carried a burning smell, blowing straight at her.

        It reminded her of last night. When she was trapped in a guerrilla warfare, fortunately, the sniper saved her from danger and executed the rest of Demonic forces.

        Thrud was leading the sniper team back to their military camp, so that they could have enough time to rest. On her way to the camp, from time to time she looked at the hammer in her hand, lost in thought: if only she had inherited her father's mastery of thunder, fewer people would have had to sacrifice their lives last year…

        Dull thunder rumbled from the north. Thrud thought it must be her father's power.

        Upon arriving at the camp, Thrud saw injured soldiers mourning on the ground. What surprised her even more was the news brought by a general under Thor:
        “What? My father is missing?”

        “When our force was trapped in the ice valley, the Demons led the Gnomes to attack us. Master Thor disappeared after he opened a path for us with his hammer. We sent someone to search for him, but he was nowhere to be found....”

        Chills ran down Thrud’s spine. Since she was young, Thrud was sure that her father’s hammer was invincible. However, now that her father was missing, she couldn’t stand by and wait for news. A valkyrie never sits and waits. And that was not what her father would expect of her. So Thrud immediately made up her mind—
        “I'll find my father! Wait for me!”

        After studying the map provided by the general, Thrud led the sniper team towards the glacier warzone. There was no one around, with only flags, corpse, bones and flesh, which were all too visible during polar days.

        When Thrud stepped on the tainted snow and passed through the icy hills, she heard steps echoing nearby. Thrud and the sniper team immediately stopped and warily looked around at all directions, prepared to defend against sudden attacks…

        Suddenly, a mild tremble came from the ground. The sniper team immediately raised their guards and vigilantly looked straight at the front.

        All they could see was a limitless white expanse. There was nothing, not even a shadow.

        “Ahh!” A sharp scream echoed in Thrud’s ears. A sniper held the wound on his left leg and fell to the ground. The snow was immediately tainted with blood. “There’s people in the ground!” Upon hearing the injured sniper’s screaming, the snow was like cracking rocks, rolling all around, while dozens of Gnomes dashed from the ground and bit everyone they encountered. Thrud immediately carried the injured sniper and jumped aside, while the rest of the snipers fought off the Gnomes in the snow storm.

        While a lot of Gnomes were defeated, more of them charged up from the ground.

        “Darn it!” Facing the sudden crisis, Thrud settled the injured sniper down and joined the battle. She swung her hammer at the Gnomes, cracking their skulls open.

        “I need to figure something out ...” As the number of Gnomes increased, the sniper team was at disadvantage, but they could not come up with a solution. Then Thrud noticed the blood stains and the light emitted from the ground…

        “This is…!” Light to dark, dark to light...The rhythm was like a heartbeat. It was calling her, reminding her of something…

        “My father is here!‘ She jumped up and smashed the icy ground with all her might. It immediately cracked and sharp thunder light engulfed the whole warzone. Gnomes rubbed their eyes, fell to the ground and rolled around. Their bodies began to burn.

        Thrud ran to where the thunder light disappeared and fell into a big trap. Among the sharp thunder light, she saw a strong man with a hammer in his hand…

        With her heart pumping, Thrud approached the man, and screamed: “Father!”

        Thrud immediately held the thunder back and turned to Thrud…

        “Thrud! My dearest daughter!” Thor opened his arms and hugged her.

        “Father! I am here to save you...I misses you so much...”

        “My Thrud has finally grown up.” Thor smiled. While he was about to gather all his strength and use thunder to crack the thick ice that blocked him under the ground, his daughter arrived right in time. Although she was busy fighting off the Gnomes, she noticed Thor's thunder light and then found him…

        Thor took a wine bag from his waist, opened it and took a few sips. Then he handed the wine bag to Thrud and said: “Drink this and dash out!”

        “Father, this is...”

        “You brewed this wine! The nectar of glacier!”

        Thrud excitedly took the wine bag and drank from it. The wine was bitter and burning. It was definitely not tasty, but upon thinking of her father fighting millions of battles with her wine, she no longer cared about the taste.

        This moment seemed to be the real beginning of everything. Thrud drank up the wine in the bag and thought: “I have to fight for my father as well as for the north!” Through her near death experiences, she understood that only with peace can happiness be extended...