“Come! Poor child! Be my tool, and I will grant you new power!”

        Illuminated Savant spoke to himself, with a shiny Runestone in his hand. As it had before, the surrounding light elements wildly surged into the Runestone. He stuffed it into the body of the cougar. After a while, the cougar stood up. It roared at the melog behind the Savant and rushed forward to tackle it.

        Since he had obtained Inferno Savant’s research statistics, Illuminated Savant had been thinking of Sacred Cougar – the guard which risked its life to stop him from entering Enochian Tower before. He understood that although melogs could become the weapons of the new generation, constant pursuit for even stronger power has always been the duty of Savants. Upon repeated study of Inferno Savant’s statistics, Illuminated Savant discovered that golems had self-consciousness. They could recognize and judge the things in front of them. And their cores had the power of Gods that resisted the energy of Demons. Therefore, it was quite difficult to control them. At last, he thought out a simple way.

        “If the cores repel our energy, then we will destroy the original ones and put new ones into the golems!

        However, things did not turn out as he wished. The cougar went almost crazy and restlessly attacked the Savant and the melog. The Savant could do nothing but command the melog to stay alert. Then, the body of the cougar started to shine in white dazzling light, which grew increasingly brighter. The Savant lifted his sleeves to block the light. Although unclear, he saw the melog had stopped moving as if it had lost all its power.

        Soon, the white light dissipated. A monstrous creature with the melog’s upper torso and the cougar’s lower body appeared before the eyes of the Savant. It moved its limbs, seemingly curious about its new body. But suddenly he felt a sense of unease. It turned its head to look at Illuminated Savant. A strange kind of power was striking at its head, causing discomfort. It banged its head on the trees around, in hope of alleviating the pain. The Savant was thinking about how to take away this crazy creature. All of a sudden, he heard some hurrying footsteps. The fight between the cougar and the melog alerted the soldiers in the neighboring city. Illuminated Savant knew that he had no more chance to bring the creature away with him, because he was inside the territory of Holylight City. He had no advantage if he needed to confront the soldiers. So he just ran away, leaving the creature behind...

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