The Universe Ring hit the Vajra Staff and clanged, and the Lotus Hammer smashed in the next second. Wukong wielded his Staff to defend himself from the attacks of a celestial child who had six arms. Being cautious of Wukong’s strength, the celestial child dared not let his guard down. Standing on his Wind Fire Wheels, he speeded up and launched waves of attacks with his six arms. Wukong, who had just demolished the army of the Dragon King, had not yet recovered from the exhaustion. Under extreme tiredness his attention started to wander, elements inside his body began to burn, lighting up his eyes and giving him the sight to see through the body of the boy. Wukong saw a piece of jade spinning in the boy’s body as he attacked, and managed to dodge all the strikes as if he could foresee the child’s movements. Sensing something happened inside Wukong, the child tried to pull back. Yet Wukong foresaw his movements, and knocked off one of his arms. Gaining an upper hand, Wukong had no intention to halt his incessant attacks, breaking another four. If it was not for a sudden long cry, he would have beaten the child to death. Just then a silver shadow swept along Wukong, taking away the boy. Wukong was about to chase after it, yet he was fended off by a three-pronged blade. The celestial general’s attacks were fierce. Although Wukong could perceive the general’s attacks, he could only dodge, and was unable to fight back. Wukong would like to curse at him, yet he felt his throat burning as he opened his mouth, as if a ball of fire was flaming inside him.

        Wukong somersaulted and set his feet on a piece of soaring cloud, but he was soon caught up by the celestial general. Knowing he could not shake off the general, Wukong lashed his staff towards the opponent and fought along. Their battle lasted so long that they fought from the sky to the ground, among all the forests and the mountains, causing all Xian and elves to flee. However, as they reached a peak, they saw colourful aurora above their heads.

        ‘Can you see me, Wukong?’ In the dazzling light, Wukong could vaguely see someone floating in the air. ‘It was such a demanding task to push you to your limits and exhaust your pneuma.’

        It was not until then did Wukong notice that he had already used up his pneuma. In an instant, five huge pillars descended from the air, pressing Wukong against the ground.

        ‘You are the stone of outset nurtured and enlightened by the elements. However, the world is ever changing, and there is no stone or will that could not be eroded. The nature of all creatures is chaotic at the beginning, therefore both killings by the Dragon King and you are faults of nobody.’

        Wukong had no idea what he was talking about; he could only feel that his limbs were fettered by invisible shackles.

        ‘You are the stone of outset, and these pillars share the same origin with you, so it is impossible to break out with force. The pillars bear seals on them. In the future when the mortals are guided by the Runes, the retriever of course shall communicate with and summon you with a seal. By then, you shall be released from the pillars — ’

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