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        With the Celestial Divinity’s guidance, Wukong had finally found his own path to Xian-hood. Having been born a rock of one of Enochian Tower’s pillars, Sun Wukong had always stopped war through combat. He defeated numerous elves and Demons, and was honored as the “monkey king of combat”. The myriad praises he received reminded himself of his past life with his monkey subjects; back then, elements had yet to overfill his body, but already, his impenetrable body alone was enough for him to reign supreme as the king of ordinary monkeys.

        Dragon King’s wanton flood had long subsided, so Wukong decided to pay Flower Fruit Mountain a visit. He breathed out a cloud of elements and somersaulted onto it, darting towards his old home. However, the land that awaited him was scorched; not only was all the green gone, the soil of the mountain had also been burnt black. The desolation stirred the Monkey King’s anger, prompting his urge to ask about the situation from a pair of individuals on the peak. The well-built male was holding a helmeted female on his back, his eyes as if blazing with fire. No sooner than Wukong saw the male did the Monkey King notice the demonic pneuma exuding from him. Recognizing the male was one of the Demons he had defeated, Wukong immediately adopted a fighting stance.

        “Are you the culprit behind this carnage?!”

        “I am Thetis, the Savant of Rules. I have been waiting here for you. From my son’s memory, I have learnt that you are one of great valor. Indeed, defeating my son in single combat is surprising.” The female spoke with a gentle voice. “As to this mountain, I thought I would drive you out with fire, but I have never imagined that you have left —”

        Before she could finish her sentence, Wukong had already struck with his Vajra Staff. Blazing fire also surged from the warrior while the combative Goddess thrusted her spear forward. Though his sight was blocked by the fire, the Monkey King agilely side-stepped and dodged the spear, although his attack was also blocked by the warrior’s gigantic shield. Born with an impenetrable body, Wukong did not fear the flame, and continued the fight with the warrior. The Staff and the spear clashed and crossed, but the battle remained fruitless; however, the always energetic Wukong surprisingly found himself fatigued. Sun Wukong was a mystical rock, and had always been able to absorb elemental power from the surroundings, limitlessly sourcing his pneuma. But no matter how much effort he paid now, he failed to channel any power; instead, he actually felt his own pneuma draining. The Monkey King lashed down his Staff and pushed himself backward, hoping to create a break to catch his breath. It was not until he focused his sight again did he realize the Goddess was actually conjoined to the warrior on his back.

        “What’s wrong, rock of Enochian Tower? Are you out of power?” The female asked gently, while approaching the Monkey King: “Although we did not personally create you, your birth was because of us!”

        Flames on her body suddenly took the form of a serpent, and shot itself at Sun Wukong. The Monkey King’s attempt to parry the fire was to no avail; the blazing serpent coiled itself around his body, and absorbed his power. Wukong had no option but to sit in meditation, trying to utilize his internal pneuma to resist the flame’s erosion. However, her power gradually overrode Wukong’s; his body began to fall into the Goddess’ control, as if she understood the Monkey King’s body more than he himself did.

        “Son of the pillar, be my servant! You have enormous potential, but lack the ability to fully utilize it. Under my guidance, you shall possess even greater power, and be able to find the path of your destiny!”

        Sun Wukong had endeavored in silence to retain his consciousness, but suddenly, he forfeited his body. The Monkey King’s immense power was freed, and ran amok in the soulless shell, forcing back the Goddess’ power. The backflow was so overwhelming that she actually received damage from her own power. Knowing that her scheme had failed, she could only destroy the Monkey King’s body. When Wukong could finally channel his power again, he created another body, but it had lost its energy and liveliness.

        ‘Destiny...My path may be hindered by destiny, but I shall not yield to it!’