Samael had always been contemplating methods to strengthen Demons and weaken Gods. After countless experiments and myriad failures, she finally actualized her ideal thought — cursed weapons. However, the best candidates to use the weapons against Gods were not her Demon brethren, but someone else...

        Samael brought a wooden box and a God warrior to a secluded village. Because her clothings and she herself were unfamiliar to the villagers, they all looked at her from afar, though none dared approach. Samael walked to the center of the village. Just then, a child shook off his mother’s hand, and ran to the visitor. When his curiosity drove him to open Samael’s box, she slightly conjured her demonic power — vines came out of the ground and entangled the child. His parents immediately dashed out from the crowd, wanting to save their child, but they were defeated by their fear, and only pleaded Samael for mercy.

        Upon seeing the people’s fear and despair, Samael could not help but feel excited. However, she endeavored to suppress her emotions, revealing not a shred on her face. Suddenly, she conjured immense demonic power, prompting uncountable vines from the earth. The gigantic vines destroyed every construction in sight, scaring all the villagers to flee in panic. It was not until they attempted to escape from the village did they realize that the whole village was already surrounded by the vines; there was no way to run.

        Samael opened the box with a number of cursed weapons inside, before bawling her order: “Pick one. you want me to kill you all one by one?”

        “Do not pick up the weapons! This is a trap of the Demons!” The captured warrior tried to dissuade the villagers, but no one listened; to save their own lives, they did not have a choice. The villagers each took a weapon from the wooden box. And when the box was emptied, a smile spread across Samael’s face.

        Upon holding the weapon, all the villagers were affected by the curse, and were stripped of their sanity. They became unusually fierce and aggressive, with their eyes focusing on the God warrior. Intention to kill exuded from them, as if they wanted to personally butcher him to pieces. The sole reason they had not acted was the Demon standing beside the warrior.

        Suddenly, Samael manipulated the vines to lift the God warrior, and tossed him at the villagers. The latter immediately raised their weapons, stabbing and slashing through their target. Pained cries incessantly rang; sitting aside in observation, Samael’s content built up as the God warrior’s life faded. However, what further surprised the Demon was the villagers’ attempt to kill each other after slaughtering the warrior. In the end, only pieces of bodies lay around with the cursed weapons...

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