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        ‘Please protect the Court of freedom...’ Recently, I start hearing the voices of the astralists in my head. ‘We will bestow on you the power...’

        ‘I can find that out myself. It’s none of your business!’ I talk back in my mind.

        As I get rid of the astralists from my mind, Hertz is standing beside me.

        ‘Red Boy, you’re now in charge of the Court.’

        Red Boy is only a nickname of mine. My father, who has been lost since long ago, has never name me.

        “It’s just a interim mean. I’m not going to take over your shambles.”

        Hertz shakes his head with a bitter smile. He goes into the array of the warriors of Courts for the final preparation before their departure.

        “Don’t be cranky.”

        Susprised by the Court of Cancer, who patted me lightly, the mechanical limbs folded on my back stretch and bounced away.

        “Hertz will force you to if you don’t say yes.”

        “I’m not born yesterday.” As I return to John, I raise my body with the mechanical limbs so that I can look into his eyes. “He’s not like you.”

        “Then what kind of person do you think he is?”

        “He’s an easy-going guy. He never gets angry on me.”

        John, who is used to putting on a stern face, smiles and says, “You’re right, but face Hertz only shows his affability to those he likes.”

        “I mean, he’s a nice guy. I’ve never tell you that he’s affable!”

        “Yea. You didn’t tell me you respect him as well.”

        I kick John away and he fit in to jump off the stairs. I can see the blades on his back as his cape flutters, and he lands so silently without making a sound. In the past I used to regard the Court of Cancer as a quiet warrior, but the more I associate with him, I have learned that he is not a neglectful person. He’s just relatively reserved and talks only to those he likes.

        John whispers to Hertz and the latter turns back to wave at me. The manner we part way reminds me of the moment when father departed -

        Bull King, who was full of mettle at the time, led the Elves to resist the Demons and never returned. My mother and I looked in vain for him. The Elves, who had lost their king, was later defeated by the Human. The territory of Elves had been shrinking and the kingdom soon vanished. Therefore I set off from my homeland to look for the power of the ancient regalia in the ruins, where I met Hertz when he was collecting tools from the ancient times. I came to the Court with him for his recognition.

        The Courts of Zodiacs are all queer fish. All these years I have been living with these peculiar people. Studying mechanics is a piece of cake when compared with learning to get along with them. At first I listened to Hertz in order to learn the ancient technologies, but as I get familiar with them, I gradually treat the Courts as my friends and Hertz as my mentor.

        ‘Please protect the Court of freedom...’ The astralists start muttering again. ‘Aren’t you looking for the one who means so much to you...’

        As I follow Hertz and his brigade with my eyes, I reply them in my mind, ‘I’ve already found him.’