Sakura peeped at the entrance of Blossomville with a hint of hesitation on her exquisite face.

        “Teacher, I’m here. Where are you?” Sakura called softly.

        “Sakura? Come over here.”

        A towering tree rooted at the center of Blossomville, where Mysorensis the graceful floral-elf was sitting next to. Sakura approached carefully to avoid trampling on any flowers. Observing in a close distance, the divinity of this tree became even more intense.

        “This is the Mother-tree that nurtures all lives in Plantdom…I’ll be succeeding the guardian of the Mother Tree. Am I truly prepared for this?” While Sakura was anxious, Mysorensis held her hands as if she sensed Sakura’s unsettling emotions.

        “Don’t be scared. I’m here to guide you. Put your hand on the trunk,” said Mysorensis.

        The moment when Sakura made contact with Mother-tree, she felt a tremendous energy flowing over the trunk.

        “The energy you feel is the elemental power exhaled by the floral-elves. Every sunset Mother-tree turns the power into the nutrients we need. That’s how the prosperity of Plantdom lasts,” explained Mysorensis.

        “Teacher, Mother-tree also releases our elemental power out of the enchantment. There have been many opposing views lately. Some of them even asked about my opinion. What should I do…”

        Mysorensis stroked Sakura’s cheek gently and said, “speaking of which, let’s feel the light of Mother-tree today. You’ll have the answer afterwards.”

        Right after Mysorensis’s words, countless illuminating dust popped up in Blossomville. Startled, Sakura was scared to touch them at first; With Mysorensis’s encouraging smile, Sakura plucked up the courage and reached out to the dust. Next moment, the dust wrapped her up as if attracted by a magnet. Sakura was connected to Mother-tree and the two became one. At this very instant, she didn’t exist as herself but as Mother-tree, looking at the whole Plantdom. This state remained for a long while until the dust finally faded away, leaving Sakura at a loss.

        “Is this the will of Mother-tree? Such a mighty being, while I’m more like an atom…”

        “Absorb the elements, transform and release. This is the tradition of Plantdom. Only the floral-elves like you and me, who’ve been embraced by Mother-tree, will know the greatness of this process. We, the humble creatures, cannot change the fate. Any attempt of manipulation only leads us to catastrophe,” said Mysorensis.

        “I understand now, teacher,” said Sakura, saying goodbye to Mysorensis and Mother-tree sincerely.

        Once Sakura left Blossomville, she saw a teenage floral-elf sitting cross-legged. His hair color was blue like his name——Cornflower. Cornflower, the third prince of Plantdom, was the favourite of Welwitschia the king, for his outstanding intelligence and exceptional bravery. Many believed that Cornflower would inherit the throne but not Hyacinth the eldest son.

        “You’ve finished the class finally! Did you fall asleep? Madam Mysorensis is such a long-winded——”

        “Cory, you can’t call teacher like that!”

        “Okay okay! Don’t be mad,” said Cornflower, jumping up and down to tame Sakura. Then Sakura relaxed her frowned face.

        “Oh right. Lemme introduce you an elf. Come over, May Lily. This is Sakura, my best friend,” Cornflower called out a skinny floral-elf, who had an intimidating gaze.

        Insisted by Cornflower, the three of them became a group. Yet the atmosphere was always awkward, until a night. Cornflower suggested an adventure into the woods, but Sakura was left behind because the boys ran too fast. The nightfall arrived very soon, leaving Sakura alone in total darkness. Curling next to a tree, Sakura stroke her sore legs sobbing.

        “Where am I? So scary here…Cory help me…”

        Leaves rustling sounded in the bushes, catching Sakura’s attention.

        “Cory is that you?”

        “Sorry to disappoint you,” said May Lily walking out of the bushes, who was hugged by Sakura immediately.

        “So good to see you...Boohoo…”

        “Umm...Don’t cry. I’ll bring you home.”

        May Lily pushed Sakura away to set off, but moans kept sounding from behind. The annoyed May Lily turned around, staring at Sakura sitting on the ground.

        “Ugh, you’re clumsier than a caterpillar… Here, take my hand,” said May Lily.

        He rolled his eyes when Sakura was hesitant about his helping hand.

        “My hand is clean. Grab me now!”


        Sakura finally returned to the town safe and sound, with the guide of May Lily. All the adult elves went to check on her upon the arrival.

        “Maybe change isn’t that bad after all,” Sakura thought as she gazed at May Lily, which gave her a relieving smile.

        Ever since the incident, Sakura had befriended May Lily and the three kids had formed a team. As time went by, they had grown up from innocent kids to sentimental teens. Cornflower’s transformation was the most prominent among the three, changing from the annoying kid to a trustworthy man. He never hid his feelings towards Sakura, and he proposed to her boldly. However, Cornflower’s proposal had put Sakura in a dilemma. The conflicted girl was originally going to consult Strelitzia who was close to her, but she wasn’t in her room. On the way back, Sakura ran into Rosemellow, a good friend of hers. Then Sakura decided to share the dilemma to Rosemellow.

        “Isn’t that good? Being the future queen is the dream of every female elf!”

        “But I’m scared...Isn’t everyone getting along good enough?”

        “Sakura you’re still too young to understand,” said the smiling Rosemellow, stroking Sakura’s hair gently. Sakura pouted and mumbled, “no I’m not…”

        “Let’s put it in a simple way. Do you like Prince Cornflower?”


        “Then stop overthinking about it.”

        Despite the talk, Sakura still didn’t feel right about it, for she also liked Rosemellow, May Lily, Strelitzia and so many other elves. She couldn’t figure out the difference between them. Still, persuaded by Rosemellowm, Sakura said yes to Cornflower, which also changed the fate of all floral-elves.

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