Samael was Belial’s confidante, and his helpful deputy. Since coming to the realm of Humans, Belial had always been busy trying to lead Demons in settling and dominating the realm. During which, Samael provided counsel for him, and dealt with Demons’ internal affairs. When she had leisure occasionally, she would stay in her room, and carry out various experiments — deadly weapons, lethal poisons, heinous curses — everything that could increase the power of Demons.

        One day, when Samael was studying peculiar curses in her room, someone knocked on the door. Just then, Azazel’s voice rang: “Venerable Samael, I have brought the ‘thing’ you need.” Azazel’s words prompted a smile on Samael’s face. She turned to open the door, and saw Azazel with a God warrior in his magic water chains.

        “Now I can test if the curse can work on Gods. Put him there, and remember to tie him tight. I do not want a single chance of ‘accidents’,” Samael said while walking to her desk. She opened a slightly ragged notebook, tore a page, and approached the God warrior.

        Before she could say anything, the warrior had started swearing, “Darned Demons! Venerable Zeus will burn you all to ashes with his holy lightning one day...” He wanted to continue his speech, but Azazel poured water into his mouth. Just then, Samael waved her hand, signaling Azazel to stop his water magic. A smile spread across her face: “No worries. His arrogant mouth will soon stop talking. Forever.”

        Samael laid her hand on the paper, and murmured the spell written on it. Demonic power exuded from her, enveloping her with green radiance. When she finished the spell, the green emanation spread onto the paper, causing it to glow like herself: beautiful, but dangerous.

        She slowly walked to the God warrior, and stuck the paper onto his forehead. At first, nothing happened, prompting the warrior to put on a mocking smile. But it was not long before his face writhed in pain! Despite his cries and struggle, Samael pressed the curse tight on his head.

        Soon the room became silent, and all that left of the God warrior was a parched body. Although the experiment had her anticipated result — a curse that could work on Gods, the effect was not profound enough. Samael gestured Azazel to take away the body, before she immersed herself in her research again...

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