A village with permafrost received help from Phanes, who melted the ice to release the villagers from their suffering. Later, the places that Phanes had showed miracles were deemed the 'Blessed Lands'. Many settled there in hopes of witnessing the miracles one day. This tiny village grew popular and was later known as the city of Phanes’ followers—The Holy City.

        The followers came here simply for Phanes. Their simple minds only craved for a place to serve Phanes and Zeus, nothing else. For eternal peace and praises from Gods, they never envied or fought each other. Everyone lived in harmony and peace.

        One day, a handsome man with curly brown hair and a muscular body traveled to the Holy City for business. The man left the group the moment he set foot in the city. He wandered alone as he eyed the people, the events, and the trivals in the city. Two men at the shop door insisted to give way to each other. It took them a long time and neither walked into the shop in the end. Two children only had one mango. Out of courtesy they both insisted offering the mango to each other. They shared the mango in the end. An old woman had loads of stuff in her arms and fell to the ground. As her stuff spread on the ground, people around gathered to help in the speed of light. No one stole a thing.

        The handsome man covered his mouth and trembled as he watched all of this happen. A passer-by approached him in worry, ‘You’re trembling badly. Are you alright? Judging from your clothes, I presume you’re a foreigner. May I take you to the doctor?’ The muscular man could no longer hold it and burst out in laughter. The passer-by smiled, ‘What bright laughter. I’m sure you’ve received the blessings from our gods.’

        The handsome man barely managed to cease his laughter. ‘I’m laughing at the behaviours of y’all. I’d rather die than suppress my desires like that.’ ‘We don’t suppress our desires. To serve our gods and receive the blessings from them is the purpose of our lives.’ The handsome man sneered and walked in the middle of the crowd, ‘Is that true though?’

        ’The handsome man pointed at the passer-by, ‘Don’t you have the slightest urge to punch me in the face? After how I insulted your faith?’ ‘I…’ What happened next stunned the passer-by. As the crowd spread out, the passerby found himself throwing his right fist after man’s face and then fist after fist until the handsome face became blurred in blood.The passer-by had never felt so carefree.He wanted to continue, but he stopped and stood up. The man got on his feet and stared at the passerby. The passerby could not understand what had just happened, but the illusion was truly satisfying. He craved more. His fists had released what had been suppressed for so long. ‘Your desire is growing fast. The more you suppress it, the bigger it grows. I, Samle, will awaken your humanity!’ The man grinned, walked to every person one by one, and revealed their desires. They would see the images of the things they craved and indulge in their desires, but as they yearned for more, the images would disappear. Their once fulfilled souls became empty. They felt yearned to see those images again.

        Everyone came to Samle and begged him to continue the images. Samle replied, ‘I can only reveal your true desires, not realize them.’ He walked to the other side of the city. Soon rumors that Samle’s words could grant the hearers’ wishes spread to the whole city. More and more people talked to Samle, whose smile became more and more radiant…

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