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        The sun sinks to the left of the tower, slowly receding into the horizon. You climb up a rock, and though you are standing at a height above ground level, the nauseous stench still clogs your nostrils. The battlefield is strewn with thousands of dead bodies, almost cloaking the land. The reek of blood and the smell of burning mixes together, hovering over the field. As the night falls, you stay alert and watch around. Eyes of demonic beasts keep gleaming in the dark, as their owners are gobbling down the corpses, feeding themselves on the souls of the deceased. You raise a Seal Card; the radiance of summoning is so bright that it even outshines the stars —

        You once thought it would be an adventure for honor, but soon you notices that journeying on this dark road, there is no song of praises, but only shriek of beasts.

        “Listen, Human. Saruman is sealed on the first floor by the Courts of Zodiacs. In the past, he made pretence of cooperating with Gods, but betrayed Humans at the crucial moment…”

        You lean on a wall, panting. Conjuring heroic spirits is more exhausting than you thought. In the danger-abounded Enochian Tower, you have to take each step carefully.

        After you have strengthened your Seal Cards with Soulstones you obtained from the Hollow Citadels, you arrive at Enochian Tower under Glauox’s guidance. The endless stone pathway is suffocating. You probably would have given up if it was not for the Seal Cards’s encouragement.

        “... He led all the elves away from the Cove and freed them from Loki’s control. Yet, he was tempted by Demons, and turned his force against the Gods. The Court of Gemini then — Hey, are you listening?”

        The elements are being gathered, and you are carefully observing their tracks. Somewhere far away, Saruman is extracting power from Runestones. All the beasts are coming in response to his call, from which you can sense his resentment — the evil overlord being sealed for a century is hungry for revenge.

        “It seems both of you can sense each other.” As usual, Glauox says to you in a commanding tone, “You have to break the Seal in order to move on. Go defeat this sinner under punishment!”

        Exhausted, you have not stepped forward. You are thinking about what you have gained in this long journey, and your initial goal and determination to climb the tower… Suddenly, a vague form walks past you. The shadow of an ancient ascetic steps forward, turns around and waves at you. As the elemental power inside the Seal Card is passed to you, you clear your head, and stride into the hall of the Lord of Evils.