’Who...who am I?’

        A little girl woke up in a forest. She glanced at her clothes and looked around at a loss. She tried to remember something, but all she got were fragmented memories that could not be pieced together. She wandered to a frozen region. Her bare feet started to bleed and her body weakened gradually until she stepped on a thin ice layer, which could not bear her weight and broke. She dropped into the freezing water with a splash. The girl struggled to swim upwards, but that only made her fall deeper. Finally she became exhausted. When the gravity started to pull her down deep into the sea, a penguin swam to her……

        The girl woke up and found an adolescent sitting next to her. He asked, ‘How do you feel? What’s your name?’ She tried hard to remember her name, and a word came up, ‘Sa-’ ‘Sa? Okay, I’ll call you Sasa from now on!’ Since the penguin druid Dodo saved her life, the girl lived with the druids. She would take care of Dodo and listen to the druid teachers’ lectures about the meaning of life with him. They lived peacefully for a long time until a life-changing event happened…...When Satan and Dodo led the penguins to migrate, she heard a familiar female voice in her head. She covered her ears and yelled, ‘Go away!’ Purple clouds appeared around her. Cracks emerged in the ice, scaring the penguins off.

        Dodo was the only one who stayed with the girl. He tiptoed to her and held her trembling hands. ‘What’s happening, Sasa? Sasa!’ Dodo’s yelling drove the female’s voice away and caught Sasa’s attention. The purple clouds vanished. ‘It’s her…... She’s here to ruin my life again……’ ‘She? Who? What are you talking about?’ ‘She only talks to me. Her voice has been compelling me to look for something against my will……’

        Dodo had an idea. He held the girl’s shoulders and said, ‘We could just follow the voice’s instructions. It may go away if we give her what she wants.’ The girl nodded hesitantly, thinking that might be the only solution.

        The instructions led them to a towering iceberg deep in an glacial plain. They found a sealed sword, which was engraved with unknown incantations. As Dodo stared at the sword in amazement, the girl lumbered towards the sword soullessly and mumbled to herself, ‘The separated powers of mine…... will now regather……’ Dodo kept calling her name from behind, but his voice could not reach her. She approached the sword……

        She placed her hands on the iceberg. Purple clouds flowed along her arms and revolved around the iceberg, which then began to break! The giant sword glowed purple. The penguins living nearby panicked as if something great was about to happen. The sword flew to the girl and she opened her arms to embrace it. The purple clouds immediately spread to her and swallowed her up!

        ’Sasa!’ Dodo ran to her, but the purple clouds frightened him. Soon, the girl absorbed the purple clouds into her body. She shut her eyes and stood still. Dodo could tell that something had changed inside her…...

        The purple clouds in the girl’s hands turned into sticky liquid! She grinned and flicked it onto the icy ground. An ice chair appeared. She swaggered to the chair and sat down. ‘Sa-Sasa?’ Dodo whispered as he carefully approached her. ‘Humph, Sasa? Call me Satan!’ said the girl condescendingly.

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