‘Mr. Scarecrow, hi. I’m Winkie, the new servant.’

        ‘Mr. Scarecrow, I’ve learnt how to write. The Mistress and the three Misses are friendly to me. What do you think, would my life be this blissful forever?’

        ‘Mr. Scarecrow, I’m giving you this scarf. That way you won’t feel cold anymore.’

        ‘Mr. Scarecrow, do you think I can finish the lyrics for this song? The Miss wrote just one line and quit. Will they feel happy if I finish writing the lyrics?’

        Winkie, the new servant of the manor, would come to the garden and talk to the scarecrow everyday, and was the only person who would speak to it. Although the scarecrow was not alive and could not respond, Winkie shared her life with it as if she was talking to a friend. However, it had all become history. One day, a strange tornado swept away their manor. Since then, the scarecrow came to life! It found Winkie’s unfinished song under the manor’s rubble. Winkie’s voice sang in its heart...

        ‘In a faraway kingdom lives a little princess; created everything yet her discontent never rests.’

        The scarecrow neither knew why there was a tornado, nor why it had come to life; and it did not know why it wanted to finish the song for Winkie. It baffled over not knowing anything: “I’m made of wood and straw. I have a life, but no brain. If I have no brain, I’m just a fool. What can I do as a fool?” The scarecrow embarked on a long journey, hoping to meet someone who could solve his problems, or perhaps even to find a brain he can have...

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