“Darwin!” Newton’s grieved voice echoed through the place. The fragile look of Darwin took his breath away.

        The gifted Newton was invited to be a researcher of Lomond Manor. However, he had never imagined an ambush happened and he was abducted to an unknown place with a man named Darwin, the gold scientist. Both of them cooperated in order to find a way out.

        They had helped each other to overcome many obstacles and suffered much hardship before they made it to a spiral staircase that led to a lower level. But as soon as they got in, Darwin was ambushed, knocked flying to the wall and fainted.

        Newton pulled himself together, running towards him in order to check his injury. A gust of wind struck from the side out of the blue. Instinctively, Newton raised his sword to parry——

        Clash! Hard objects collided. He finally got the clear image of the enemy——Ores with an emerald light. What was much more shocking was the part that extended upward.

        “Are these...his arms?” Newton saw Boyle, a man with crystalized arms. Boyle summoned earth element and attached to his arms, explaining the source of the emerald light.

        Next second, the ores generated with great speed, trying to engulf Newton’s body. Soon, his right arm was petrified, unable to hold the sword and it dropped.

        He struggled to move, but it was of no avail. Newton could do nothing but let the ores slowly devour him. Before long, over half of his body was covered with the emerald mineral.

        Boyle walked towards the light. It was until now that Newton could finally see his face, and his crystalized left arm was stained with blood.

        “Darwin’s blood...He attacked Darwin with that bizzare arm…” Newton analyzed the whole story rapidly and came to a conclusion. “Let go of me,” he glared at Boyle hatefully.

        “Sorry, I can’t. This is my mission.” Boyle continued with a poker face, “follow my order and you won’t get hurt.”

        “Your order…” Newton seemed to hear the most absurd words in his life. “You made a really bad mistake. It’s not me who need to beg for mercy. You’ve already pissed me off at the moment when you hurt Darwin!” Rage filled his eyes.

        Extensive amount of fire element sparkled in the air, forming blazing flames to melt the ores instantly. Breaking free, Newton picked up his sword fast and charged towards the enemy with fire.

        Boyle conjured earth element to create even more ores in self-defence, but the speed could not overpower the flames. Newton swung the sword and the fire engulfed everything around.

        Then, he came to Boyle and pointed at his neck with the weapon. “I’ve burnt all the ores that protect you. You lose.”

        “...Yeah, it’s my misjudgment. I shouldn’t be targeting at you.” Straightfaced Boyle now showed a very subtle excitement.

        “Damn you!” Newton found something wrong——The liquefied mineral melted by the fire clung to Boyle’s right arm unknowingly, and began to consolidate into an arrow, targeting at Darwin.

        Newton ran back to him at once, but he knew he could not beat the speed of the arrow.
        “I won’t make it...and there is no time to waste!”

        Newton concentrated on recalling how it felt like when he brought out the potential power of element for the first time in the bottomless hole. He wanted to find that feeling again. Fire element gathered and heated, gradually turning into purple. It boosted his speed with incredible momentum, pushing himself towards Darwin.

        Regardless of danger, Newton charged towards him bravely. The arrow passed between them, scratching Newton’s shoulder to bleeding.

        It seem to be a flesh wound. But the sense of palsy from his arm revealed the fact that it was a poisonous arrow. The paralyzed Newton was unable to hold the sword, dropping it down.

        “No...I can’t lose…!” As he tried to creep to the sword, someone trod on his hand——It was Boyle. “Mission accomplished,” he showed a rare smile.

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