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        “If we go on like this, our clan will be annihilated...We must think of some ways to solve it.”
        “What can we do? We don't have a lot of heirs and we aren't as powerful compared to the other elves…”
        Elders of the White Faced Vixen clan gathered to discuss their future. Facing the emergence of demons, their power was relatively mediocre and their clan had less heirs even if they were more cunning than other elves and had a similar mindset to humans. Therefore, they were worried about being invaded by other clans and the possibility of extinction…

        At that moment, they heard a clear jingle. In front of the elders stood Iclyn, the most beautiful, clever, and sexiest vixen in the White Faced Vixen clan. She kneeled down in front of the elders and said: “I’ll marry Bull King! He is the strongest demons. As long as I marry him, our clan will be safe. It’s the only way.”
        “But…” The elders had other concerns. After all, without Iclyn, they could no longer ensure their future heirs would be the best and the most beautiful. However, for the sake of the clan, they had no choice but accepted Iclyn’s suggestion.
        They dressed Iclyn up——wearing the sexiest clothes, the most elegant accessories and helped her put on the most glamorous makeup. Iclyn sat in a palanquin and was escorted by a few young white vixens. As soon as they arrived at the cave of Bull King, the scent of food filled the air and music could be heard. Needless to say, Bull King enjoyed the food and dancing with his underlings as they celebrated their victory.
        As Iclyn listened, she smiled and ordered her servant: “Put on my cape.”
        “But we heard that Bull King is lewd. Don’t you think less is better?”
        “If there is a delicious meat in front you, will you prefer eating it right away or enjoying an appetizer first before savouring the delicacy?”
        “Of course I would have an appetizer first! It would increase the tasting experience.” The servant said as he slobbered.
        “It can also create a sense of mystery! If I walked inside like this, maybe Bull King will be stunned by my beauty, but his passion for me won't last long. What if…” Iclyn intentionally pulled down her clothes and exposed her shoulders, “Let's first bring his hopes up. Then I’ll slowly take my clothes off. How could he possibly resist my seduction?”
        The servants unanimously agreed that Iclyn was a really clever vixen spirit, which made them feel ashamed. Putting the cape on Iclyn, she slowly walked inside the cave with the servants.

        In the cave, demons sat on both sides; while their leader, Bull King, sat in the center with a mug in his hand. The demons were enjoying the dance performance, but it was obvious that Bull King found the performance dull and uninteresting. The servant brought the veiled Iclyn to the Bull King. She wiggled her hips and gracefully walked to him.

        “Take off your veil.” Bull King rumbled.
Iclyn bashfully took off her veil, covered Bull King’s eyes and said: “I’m shy. Let’s first play a game…”
        Iclyn’s fur was as smooth as satin. The touch of her fur on his skin brought him into ecstasy. Bull King could feel an incomparable softness rubbing his hand. Iclyn asked with a soft voice: “Master, which part of my body is this?”
        “Humph! Your thigh…”
        “Hm, wrong answer.”
        “Your waist…”
        “Hm, guess again”
        She exhaled demonic air with flower-like fragrance. Bull King could no longer contain himself and tore off her veil. He held Iclyn up and kissed her.
        “You little spirit.” Bull King ignored the other demons and caressed Iclyn in front of them. Afterwards, Bull King looking satisfied, said: “You’re good at coaxing! Tell me, what do you want? I’ll reward you!”
        “I only ask for two little things. I hope you can promise me the protection of my clan.”
        “Sure! Piece of cake.”
        “Second...I know you also married Rakshasa, and she is a virtuous and beautiful woman. So, I just want to be your servant and serve you well——” Iclyn looked at the Bull King with pitiful watery eyes. What she said reminded Bull King of an unpleasant event that happened two days ago: when Rakshasa used her iron fan and drove away one of his friends; even now she remained impenitent!

        “Humph! I’m the Great Sage. You think I’m afraid of her? I won’t make you my servant, but my mistress!”
        “Master Bull King, it would be my honor!”
        Icyln grinned as she achieved her mission…