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        With the valkyrie’s words in mind, Vali embarked on his journey to seek the Gods’ Relics scattered throughout. The feeling of mission strengthened his determination to continue his path of archaeology. As the years passed, Vali had successfully retrieved Relics of Gods including those of Thor and Tyr, but could not find any that belonged to Freyr, Freyja’s brother.

        According to records, Freyr once sailed the seas on his ship across battlefields of the realm. Although its final stop was lost in history, records did at least indicate that it probably ended up around Glacial Iceberg. However, seeking the place was like finding the needle in a haystack.

        Vali sailed through the icy ocean on his boat, struggling against the bone-chilling wind. Whenever he passed through an ice cave, he would enter the cave and explore, but his efforts were to no avail. In several occasions, he was nearly killed by falling icicles; an agile wave of his whip was the sole reason he was still alive.

        There was a hailing area around Glacial Iceberg, where the hail so large that a few dozen could sink a ship. Hence, Vali carefully avoided the area. But situations do not always unfold as one intends; a fast current was dragging all inside it. Vali had to sail around the hailing area to prevent the boat from being dragged in. However, when he neared the hailing area, Freyja’s Relics in his pouch had a violent reaction, pulling him away from the rudder. The boat was then pulled into the hailing area.

        “I will find your brother!” Vali could not help but yell in anger. His declaration calmed the Relics’s, and it was only then did Vali request: “I myself cannot handle such a tremendous hail storm. Can you please temporarily lend me your power?”

        Freyja’s necklace floated to Vali’s weapon and its power diffused into his whip before Vali finished speaking. All of a sudden, his leather whip transformed into a metal one, which Vali used to stop the the incoming hail while steering his boat into the nearest ice cave.

        However, the cave was not safe either; icicles at the cave entrance plummeted under the hail’s shock. Though they were not deadly as the hail, the destructive power of the myriad icicles was not to be underestimated. Maybe because Freyja knew that Vali’s life was still at stake, or maybe because she sensed Freyr’s power, her headpiece’s power diffused into his upper arm and formed an armband. It amplified Vali’s elemental power, ensuring safety of the boat and he himself.

        This ice cave was located beneath an enormous iceberg; if Vali voyaged any deeper, it was likely that he could never come out again. However, imbued with Freyja’s power, Vali showed no intention of leaving and instead, he steered deeper as he put on a light. Now, Vali could clearly sense Freyr’s power, though feeble, in the deepest corner of the ice cave.

        “Your wish is fulfilled finally.” Vali peered at Freyr’s ship in the ice wall while he lightly stroke the armband. However, as if because his mission was done, the armband no longer responded to Vali...