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        The sound of metal clanging resonates in the Court of Scorpio.

        When I pierce my tail to Poppy, she fends it off with her shield and swiftly slashes her blade at me. I hopped back and dodge the sword, yet the sword of her cut off a strand of my hair. Poppy keeps charging with her Shield of Aries made with the bones of rams. I raise my sickle and the weapons hit each other. The horns of the shield clutch my sickles at the same time she waves her sword towards me once again. At the moment she thought she has defeated me, I have already raised my tail, fending off her sword while at the same time pointing the stinger at her throat.

        “Can I take a break first?” Exhausted, Poppy looks at me.

        From the sun above my head, I can tell it’s noon. At the moment I nod to Poppy, she lies on the ground as if it is the closure. Together I sit on the ground, for I am a bit tired too.

        “Alma, how long do we still have to wait?”

        “I think we’re almost there!”

        The faraway Enochian Tower is engulfed by the light of flames. I guess another batch of Summoners have reached the corridor to heaven.

        “There’re crowds of Human there. In order to open a way straight up to heaven, we must be well prepared!”


        Poppy makes a sound that seems to be a reply, yet she looks so unfocus and I guess everyone knows what she’s thinking about. I hold my fist tightly as I recall Red Boy’s words... ‘We still can’t locate where John is, but I’m pretty sure that he’s still alive!’ At the moment I blasted everything I in my sight. Now my mind is occupied by one idea.

        ‘John, I will definitely get you back. You owe me a game!’

        I stand up and pat the dust off my clothes, then I lightly kick Poppy, who is lying on the ground.

        “What’s up? Gimme a few mo...”

        Before Poppy can finish her words, I throw her sword beside her.

        “Get up! We must be stronger!”