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        “If you work for me, I promise, you’ll not be the slaves of that nasty Santa Claus anymore!” A short and plump figure, Scrooge, was telling his purpose of visit to the cute reindeers.

        The reindeers had been working for Santa Claus. Every year, they had to carry the carts filled with presents to the realm of men on that special day, and follow Santa Claus to distribute the presents to the artless children. They would be very excited every year when the time approached, as they could see the sincere smiles of children. But things became different when the rich man who looked like a snowman came to find them.

        Scrooge liked snow but disliked Winter; or more precisely, what he hated was Santa Claus. Since birth, Scrooge had considered Santa Claus a hypocrite. It was already enough for everyone to live for their own. Why should we bring happiness to the others? Therefore, Scrooge came up with a plan against Santa Claus.

        “But doesn’t working for you also mean being your slaves?” A reindeer asked.

        “No! We’re just partners. I’ll let you go once everyone forgets about Santa Claus.” Scrooge explained.

        “You want everyone to forget Santa Claus? Impossible!” Another reindeer with an arrogant face replied.

        “I have a card up my sleeve. You just need to cooperate with me!” Scrooge said with confidence, sticking out his big belly.

        The secret lied in the special magic Scrooge possessed, which could steal away one’s impression about somebody in mind bit by bit. Scrooge would sneak into the house after Santa Claus had put a gift into the children’s stocking and gone. He put a coin on the child’s forehead for a while, then took the present away, leaving only the coin. In the next morning, every child had already lost their impressions of Santa Claus... When Santa Claus felt that in Winter, people were not as happy as before, he finally realized, he had been forgotten by most people...