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        “I’m sorry!” Holding a bouquet, a young man chased after Scrubia, apologizing to her, “Scrubia! You know I love only you!”

        “Yeah you do love only me, but you have also slept with every woman in the village!” Scrubia pushed him over. The bouquet landed on the floor, petals flying. She stomped hard on his chest, bellowed, “I’m right before you now! Didn’t you say that your heart beats like a drum when you see me? Then why doesn’t it give the slightest tremor now? Come on, show me a few trem—”

        Beneath her feet the man’s chest suddenly softened into a cotton-like substance. Scrubia was suck in completely, sinking into the ground as if she was a paint brush pushing into an unframed canvas. Then facing downwards, she fell into thick mud. Unyielding limbs grabbed her limbs, restricting her movements. Scrubia lifted her head and looked up. In the gloom she saw dense, green fog rolling in towards her. Fear drove her to tears which puddled before her eyes. Her tears slowly clouded as she watched the mist dissolve into the puddle, putrefying the water. Trapped in the vine restraints, she felt her flawless body melting—


        Awoken from the nightmare, Scrubia was holding her chest, puffing and panting. She quickly checked herself from head to toes, not calming down until she confirmed she was unharmed. Just then a delicate wing lightly stroke her shoulder. Only when Scrubia embraced herself inside her dragon wings did she remembered how special she was...

        The mysterious soul of a dragon hitched to Scrubia’s body, and for that reason she has been precious to her dragon worshipping clan since she was young. Yet, she did not possess great power. All Scrubia had was the ability to transform her hair into dragon wings, and a constantly repeating nightmare. Growing up in torment, she had developed an obstinate personality. Though her clansmen had taken good care of her, none understood her pain. Whenever Scrubia thought that her nightmares had finally ended, the terrifying black poison would once again contaminate her sweet dreams.

        One day, a travelling merchant brought a load of weapons that were used to slay dragons to the clan . The clansmen doubted their authenticity, but with only a glance, Scrubia knew they were genuine. A strange feeling swirled inside her heart. Hence, she deeply believed these weapons were somehow connected to the dragon soul hitched to her. In order to trace the source of those arms, she lured her admirers to leave the clan together.

        To take revenge on the master of those nightmares she had, Scrubia started a journey to find the dragon slayers...