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        “Gosh! They left without me...Meh, I’ll just take my time. Hardcore fighting with enemies is not my style.”

        Knowing that the pals had long gone without waiting for him, Merbromin took his time to catch them up slowly. When he was about to set out, he found that his fingernail had a scratch.

        “Oh my! Since when did I get this scratch? Well, it’s still early. Let me have a manicure.”

        Merbromin got his fingernail fixed, combed his hair and ironed his clothes fastidiously. Soon, half of a day had passed.

        “Jeez! It’s getting late now. Mellow is gonna kick my butt if I don’t show up.”

        Merbromin scurried to the garden outside, but an explosion had immediately attracted her eyeballs. The mansion was on fire; flames were raging. “Something goes wrong,” she was shocked.

        Then, he saw Zero is carrying the crewand a faint Ali Baba out of the fire while Mellow and Ghostie were pushing a umpster behind them.

        “Thank goodness you got him.” Merbromin took over and started healing Ali Baba.

        He took out a small copper can from his fanny pack and added some powder into an odd-looking pipe made of fish bones. “Hm? What is that powder for,” Ghostie sneaked up on Merbromin and whispered.

        “You, you spooked me...Well, it’s not easy to find. This millenium fish bone powder is priceless!” He puffed a cloud of fishy smoke with the pipe, covering Ali Baba’s body.

        “Now we wait. He’ll wake up later,” Merbromin said confidently.

        “Merbromin, I need your help.” Mellow pointed at the dumpster being pushed by Ghostie. Inside which there were dozens of blind purebred cats.

        “...This is horrible. Who will do such a cruel thing…,” Merbromin gaped at the poor cats.
        “Cullinan is not just an extravagant bastard, he makes gemstones out of cat eyes! Our pals have fallen into his hands. Any chance that they could be cured?” Mellow asked anxiously.

        “Only if you get their eyeballs——Holy moly! Ghostie can you stop spooking me from behind?” Merbromin patted his chest gently as he looked at Ghostie, who was holding a bag of gems. “I keep their eyes safe and sound.”

        Checking the gems closely, Merbromin found that all of them had thin-slitted refraction, exactly like a cat pupil. He held a shorthair into his arms and comforted him, “don’t worry. Your eyes will be fine.”

        His soft voice had soothed the anxiety of the cat, which started imagining Merbromin was a goddess-like beauty. “Alright, I trust you. When my eyes have recovered, I’ll invite you to my place,” the shorthair said as he held Merbromin’s hands.

        With a blush coming into his cheeks, Merbromin responded with a smile and got started. He laid the pals and the purebred cats on the floor, securing the area with a white cloth.

        “No peeping!” He popped his head around the cloth and reminded Mellow and the others.

        After a while, some strange noises came over from the cloth. Few minutes later, Merbromin, pouring with sweat, looked exhausted. “All set.”

        As the cloth was pulled away, the cats rubbed their eyes, attempting to open and see. Regaining their own sight made them shout with joy. The shorthair soon recognized Merbromin based on “her” gentle voice. “I knew it. You’re that beautiful angel just like I imagined——” He came over, grabbing Merbromin’s hands with his pads.

        Merbromin stopped him by touching his lips with a finger. “We are not the same. I’ve had a tough life——”

        “Of course both of you are the same. Coz he’s a male too, but a beautiful, gentle male!” Tristan, one of the team members, added blatantly.

        After knowing the truth, the shorthair was frozen, glancing at Merbromin’s body. It was not until then that the cat realized he had some kind of masculine traits in his curvy figure, which scared him off instantly.

        Ruined plan putting Merbromin into a fury. “Tristan! Look what you did,” he roared in a tough voice.

        So the cats had accomplished a dangerous rescue mission, heading back to their sweet home together…