In the realm of gods, a crowd of soldiers gathered in the palace. Their faces were full of dirt; each suffered various degrees of injuries. Bael, wearing a silver-white robe, was healing the soldiers with magic.

        “Master Bael, you just returned from the war. Please take a rest. We can help treating the wounded.” A soldier tried to talk down the exhausted Bael covered with dust.

        “I’m fine. This little weariness is nothing compared with the pain of the soldiers. I hope I can alleviate their suffering sooner.”

        A huge noise came from afar, drawing Bael’s attention from the patients. He ran out of the palace and saw the gate covered with smoke and ashes. A battle was seemingly ignited there.

        “It should be the enemies. I’m gonna take a look.” Bael spread his wings to the scene of the incident. As he arrived, the corpses of god soldiers piled up on the ground. This misery had made his heart bleed.

        “Who did such a cruel thing…”

        Soon, he found the answer. Bael looked at a familiar figure he once fell for——A charming demon holding a giant sword.

        “Satan...she broke free from my seal. Is that why her appearance changed back to the past?” Bael thought his heart would waver once when he met her again. But beyond imagination, he was exceptionally calm, and all the madness happened in the past seemed to be a dream to him.

        Satan was hovering in the sky, slashing the god guards assembling before the gate with her giant sword. As Bael saw her, he plucked a feather from his wings and it was turned into a long sword with the light elemental enchantment.

        He dived toward the gate, parrying Satan’s attack with his feather sword before she killed another group of guards. Clash! Sparkles were ignited during the friction of their weapons. Both of them went all out for the fight.

        “Stop it Satan! Don’t kill anymore. If you’re going to clean up your act, I’ll intercede with lady Giemsa.”

        “I don’t want to hear it! It’s...It’s all your fault. You’ve been persecuting my papa! Only by taking you down, I can be with papa forever!” Satan’s tone resembled a kid, which revealed to Bael that something had gone wrong.

        “You...are not the Satan I’m familiar with...You’re that girl after I sealed Satan...Did you take her body?”

        “I didn’t! I’m the real Satan!” Provoked by Bael, Satan unleashed a burst of element to knock him away with a shout.

        Without giving him a break, Satan wielded his sword to cast a dark elemental sphere over Bael, who then dodged it easily. Eventually the sphere fell into and crushed a palace in the realm of gods. Satan had no intention to stop but released more power, swearing to defeat Bael.

        “Brute force can never defeat me.” Bael closed his wings and raced between Satan’s elemental spheres fast as an arrow. Soon, he had made his way to Satan.

        Before she could react, Bael spread his wings; each feather glittered with holy light, making him shine like the bright sun. Soaking in the light in a close distance, Satan felt burnt in her eyes, which began to bleed.

        “It hurts...Papa...It hurts…” The unbearable pain took over her consciousness. Satan passed out, falling down to the square as if an eagle was shot by an arrow.

        Descending slowly, Bael walked towards the fainted Satan, but stopped immediately when he sensed a flash of bloodlust he was familiar with. Luckily, he dodged the stinger of the giant sword in time——Satan, as if she was controlled, picked up her sword to sting!

        “Such a lethal attack...It’s her...The Satan whom I know well…”

        “Are you trapped in there?” Bael looked at the giant sword carved with scriptures with mixed feelings——Guilty and regret. Bael knew what he was about to do next was totally unexplainable, but he did it anyway——spreading his wings and summoning light element.

        “This is my atonement for you.”

        Closing his eyes to read the scriptures, he was covered with holy light dust. Enveloped in brightness, those scriptures clung to the giant sword started vibrating and became more and more vibrant. At last, they broke free from the sword and pounced on Bael ferociously. He took all the impact silently; the enormity of agony was reflected on the sweat dripping on his forehead.

        As the light faded, no more scriptures were seen on the sword. Kneeling on the ground, Bael attempted to check on Satan, but a flash of light occupied his vision. Next second, he felt an immense power blasted him into the air before he could make a sound, flying all the way until hitting a stone pillar in the sky.

        “Urghhh——” Bael spat blood. Struggling to get up, he was shrouded in a shadow.

        “Humph, haven’t met for a long time, Bael.” Satan gazed at him with an arrogant but maniac smile. This was the Satan he acquainted with. “You removed the seal to set me free. Now I’m gonna kill you with my purest hatred as a gratitude,” she licked her lips gently.

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