Bright sunshine flooded the earth. A wooden cart of shimmering fish headed to the forest along the shore.

        Despite the dense leaves covering the sky, rays of sunlight managed to break through the canopy. Several glowing blue fairies fluttered their wings to welcome the fresh fish delivery.

        ’They smell very fresh! Thank you! Sera would appreciate it.’ A tiny blue fairy smiled in excitement.

        ’You...are welcome.’ The delivery men replied with a toneless voice and left with the wooden cart.

        The leader of the men could not suppress the urge to speak anymore,

        ‘Tut! What a bunch of pampered brats!’

        In the distant seas, there was a seafront kingdom with fertile soil and rich resources, but it suffered from frequent floods. Every storm would bring a tsunami to the country. The government was desperate for a solution—until the fairies settled here. They would surf the waves naked and sing to the sea, which then magically remained quiet for a hundred years until this day. The king promised to reward the fairies with land, resources, and fish to repay the humans’ debt. However, the humans gradually forgot about the fairies’ good deeds and treated them as freeloaders. The humans began to feel uncomfortable with the fairies....

        One night, Sera led a group of fairies along the sea-front. She was the leader of fairies in charge of singing every night. As they indulged in singing, she saw a young man hiding behind the reefs staring at them. She did not care much, thinking that he came out of curiosity. After the singing ended, Sera let the other fairies go back first. She fluttered her wings and floated to the man.

‘It’s late at night. Aren’t you sleepy…?’ Sera tilted her head in confusion. However, the man ran away instantly into the forest. His weird reaction provoked Sera’s curiosity. She followed him deep into the forest.

‘Where’d he go?’ Suddenly, the man’s screaming came from ahead. Sera flew towards the voice and found a wolf attacking the man. Seeing the man’s life at stake, Sera did not fight the wolf. Instead, she stood still and began singing.

        Sera’s voice attracted hundreds of blue butterflies, which hovered over the wolf. The wolf swayed its limbs and walked around in circles. In the blink of an eye, it lay on the floor and fell asleep.

        The man was saved but remained fearful. His sight was something Sera had never seen before. She blushed stunned. After moments of pause, the man said, ‘I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,’ he continued, ‘Yo-you may not know me. It’s the first time we’ve met. I'm Jarno...the prince of this country.’ He choked at ‘prince’.

        Sera felt her ears burning. She asked in excitement, ‘The prince? What does a prince do?’

        ’The other princes have a chance to inherit the throne and rule this country, but as for me...I won’t even get to see the throne…

        ’Why? Why’? Sera could not help asking with a dumbfounded look on her face. Jarno smiled bitterly and told her the whole story. He was the last prince born into the royal family, so no one ever took him seriously. The fight for power intensified, except Jarno. He sneaked to the shore to leave the palace for some fresh air, and bumped into the fairies singing to calm the ocean.

         Ever since then Jarno would hide behind the reefs until their singing ended. Sera would meet him deep in the jungle and listen to him. Despite her status as the leader of fairies, she acted like an innocent child that knew nothing about the human world. Every single word from Jarno’s mouth would trigger Sera’s curiosity. At first Sera asked questions like ‘What’s a fork?’ and ‘Why wear a belt?’ Later she asked more about Jarno, ‘Do you like human girls?’ ‘What you do like?’ ‘How do you think about me?’ Her questions all revolved around Jarno.

        ’I’d love to visit your city, but the moment the humans see me, they...Why do they act like that…?’ Sera lay on Jarno and played with the buttons on his clothes.

        ’If I become king, I’ll do anything to realize peace between fairies and humans,’ Jarno turned around to hide his blushing face and continued, ‘Will you be my queen?’

        ’Sera’s eyes beamed and accepted his proposal without thinking.

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