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        Looking at Tefnut hiding at a side of the shrine, Shu shouted to Seth in the sky.

        “Seth, don’t stop me!”

        “Shu, it is our responsibility!”

        “I don’t want to do this anymore!”

        Shu swung its tail towards Seth. Seth grabbed Shu’s tail, and threw Shu away. The green dragon made a backflip, focused his energy at his mouth and shot an green energy ball at Seth. Seth parried the attack using his own wings, but Shu was already right in front of Seth, trying to slash his opponent with both of his claws. Seth had no choice but counterattacking with its claws. They were grabbing at each other, and battling with their physical strength, with neither side gaining an advantage.

        “Shu, stop being headstrong!”

        “I said don’t stop me!”

        She opened his mouth and focused the energy again. However, it took longer this time. Seth knew that it would be an energy cannon, and it would result in a mutually assured destruction if the cannon hit him at this range. Therefore, Seth used his tail to strike Shu’s head away, changing the direction of the shot, but it still hit Seth’s wing. With his feathers alight, he moaned in pain and released Shu.

        “Shu, you really want to do this?”

        His reply was another blast of energy cannon, which struck Seth’s abdomen this time, knocking the red dragon away.

        Seth howled as his eyes turned fire-red. A red, burning-hot energy overwhelmed him. Angry, he raised its head, conjuring a scepter into his left claw. With a loud roar, Seth swung his scepter in a wave of energy which cascaded from his body like a waterfall. Shu evaded the attack in dismay, and when he was about to retaliate, the sceptre was already pressed upon his head.

        “Kill me, or let us go!”

        Seth calmed down. He knew that he just could not kill his brother. Shu saw Seth put down his spectre. He realized that Seth had allowed him to leave. Then, Shu let Tefnut climb onto its back. Spanning its wing, Shu took the crystal of Ancestral Elements with him. Gazing at leaving Shu, Seth fell into deep thinking...