Staying in the sky, Seth observed the spiritual beasts fighting each other. He shook its head and muttered to himself.

        “They still can’t make use of the power of Ancestral Elements...”

        Seth stopped looking at them. He turned away and vanished in the burning-hot air. Since the day Shu left the shrine with the crystal of Ancestral Elements, Seth had understood he was born to be the guardian of the elements. He could not live without them. Therefore he followed Shu and Tefnut silently, until they met Ra. When Ra discovered Seth, Shu immediately put the crystal and Tefnut behind him in order to protect them. Shu was staring at Seth under great pressure, but Seth just spoke a sentence.

        “Ancestral Elements are the meaning of my existence. No matter where it is, I will follow it.”

        Hearing Seth’s words, Shu was relieved. His deed was finally approved by Seth. Standing next to them, Ra did not know what had happened between the two, but, hearing the words “Ancestral Elements”, he knew that the red dragon might be useful to him. He wheedled Seth eagerly, but Seth ignored him. When Shu, Ra, and Tefnut was creating Spiritual Civilization using the power of the elements, Seth still could not understand why they have to strive for the so-called “utopian ideal”, as he knew those spiritual beasts could never put the power of the elements into good use.

        Seth observed every battle the tribes had from the sky. He didn’t knew why he hoped that the beast could use the power. However, no matter how the battle went, it would just stay idle and let it go on. Seth had initially wanted to see if the beasts could master the power when Shu, Ra, and Tefnut were absent for unknown reasons, and the tribe faced invasion by undefined creatures; but, they still couldn’t. Seeing that, Seth decided to turn away and leave, but when he heard the beasts scream, he suddenly came up with the idea of helping them. He dove suddenly and drove away those creatures. When he was about to leave, he heard the beasts talking about him.

        “See, as I said, this lord would help us!”

        “That’s right! Whenever there is a war, this lord will watch upon us from above and grant us victory.”

        Everytime when Seth appeared above the battlefield, spiritual beasts would discover him. As the rumors spread, many were aware of his existence, but no one knew his true identity. Many warriors reckoned Seth was the one who brought victory to them. After Seth had appeared and saved them, the beasts’ faith in Seth grew stronger. They knelt before him to express their gratitude.

        “Please let us worship you as the God of Warfare!”

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