“Brother Sha Seng! I'm hungry! I want to eat!”
        “Brother Sha Seng! I want a piggyback ride!”
        “Ok ok! One by one! Brother Sha Seng is inundated with your requests.”
        The grisly Sha Seng was surrounded by kids. He took out the things he brought back and distributed them among the children with an innocent smile on his face.
        “Alright, the fruit is yours and the dress is yours. So, you want a piggyback ride right?——”
        “Brother Sha Seng! I want the fruit!”
        While Sha Seng looked after the children, a kid wearing baggy and unfitted clothes walked towards him. As the kid stood in front of him, Sha Seng immediately felt disgusted…
        “You’re just a grown man who has been turned into a kid! Why don’t you take care of yourself?”
        As Sha Seng shouted at him, the kid promptly pouted his lip and stared at Sha Seng. Sha Seng couldn't resist the kid's pitiful look and eventually gave in. He picked up a fruit and said: “Come! Eat it! Stop arguing!”
        Sha Seng had been covering up his demon identity and disguised himself as a human to live among the people in town. He was very fond of children since he was young, and just wanted to spend time with them; while Sha Seng felt the complete opposite for adults. Later on, a pair of demons, named Golden Horned and Silver Horned came to town. After they turned all the townspeople into children with their demonic power, Sha Seng felt overjoyed as the children gradually relied on him once they lost parental care. Therefore, all the children were suddenly dependent on Sha Seng.
        After the children were fed and exhausted from playing together, they began to fall asleep. Looking at their cute little faces, Sha Seng was satisfied. To avoid waking the kids up, he went outside and washed their clothes. At this moment, he heard a kid scream——
        “Let me go! You monkey demon! I want to play over there!”
        “Master, I’ll teach you a lesson if you don't stop being naughty!”
        As the monkey demon raised his fist and was about to slap the kid, Sha Seng promptly charged at them! He blocked the monkey's hand, angrily stared at him, and said: “I won't let you abuse this child! If you hate him, just leave him with me!”
        “I can feel the demonic energy inside your body...Are you trying to abduct my Master!?”
        The monkey demon pushed Sha Seng a couple feets away with its monstrous power. Sha Seng managed to gain foothold after the hit. He suddenly felt excited as he had finally encountered a strong opponent. Sha Seng gathered his demonic power and conjured his Monk’s Spade; the monkey demon pulled out a crimson treasure from his ear, held it in his hand, and then with a wave of his arm turned it into a crimson Staff!
        Sha Seng raised his weapon and charged at the monkey demon, who had let go of the kid's hand, and was now also sprinting towards Sha Seng with his crimson staff. The Monk’s Spade and the crimson Staff clashed and released a shockwave. The two of them countered each other’s attacks, but Sha Seng was no match for the monkey demon's strength. The monkey demon soon gained the upper hand. Sha Seng then casted a water sphere over the monkey demon. Since he couldn't dodge it, he blocked it with his crimson staff. The two of them grinned and charged at each other again——

        “I hate you! Stop it!” The kid shook his fist at them while he cried.
        Sha Seng and the monkey demon sensed a fierce power in the air, but they were barely able to parry the kid’s attack.
        “Master! It’s not fair! You taught me: do as you would be done by. Now you’re breaking your rule!”
        “Well that's the end of our fight, isn't it?”
        “That can he possess such powerful strength? Does he actually…”
        “He is not a kid! He is my Master!” The monkey demon already knew what Sha Seng was thinking about and answered his question: “My Master was turned into a kid as soon as he entered this town. Maybe it has something to do with you…” The monkey demon, filled with bloodlust, walked towards Sha Seng and released a strong wave of power'. Sha Seng now realized that the monkey demon was not even being serious during their previous fight. He was no match for the monkey demon at all…
        As stood there Sha Seng terrified, the kid shouted again: “I said, I hate fighting!”
        The previous attack sent a chill down Sha Seng and the monkey demon's spine, so they stopped confronting each other.
        Sha Seng brought the monkey demon and the kid back to his place. It was not until then did he finally know their names were Sun Wukong and Tang Sanzang. In order to change his Master back to normal, Sun Wukong searched around town for the culprit.
        “Although I love kids, I’m not interested in “kidults”. I have nothing to do with this. Well I guess this is related to Golden Horned and Silver Horned…”
        “Golden Horned and Silver Horned?”, Sun Wukong asked. Meanwhile, Tang Sanzang played with the toys in Sha Seng’s place.
        “Yes. A week ago, a pair of demons called Golden Horned and Silver Horned arrived at this town. Afterwards, the entire place was shrouded with demonic energy, which turned all the adults into children——”
        “Where are they? I’ll teach them a lesson!”
        “Calm down. To be honest, I don’t know where they are. However, each of them carried a gourd, which contained a drink with an unique smell. This smell grows intense in that cave over there, so maybe that's where they reside.”Sha Seng said as he pointed towards the cave.
        “Great! Let’s go now!” Sun Wukong carried Tang Sanzang and grabbed Sha Seng's hand as he walked towards the cave.
        “Hey! Wait! Why should I go——”
        “Don’t you love kids? While I'm fighting enemies, you can take care of my Master!”
        Looking at Tang Sanzang’s bright and innocent eyes, Sha Seng could not help but answer: “Alright! I’m coming with you, but I need to first help the kids settle down.”
        The kids were still asleep. Sha Seng quietly put the fruits beside them so that they won't starve. After everything was set, he followed Sun Wukong and Tang Sanzang to the cave...

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