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        “Surely fate is impossible to grasp, let alone understand it.”

        Having been through plagues and wars, Namtar finally had a chance to read the Tome of Fate after so many hardships. However, it was washed away by the flood. For some reason, he was not disappointed.

        “I’m destined not to read that book. What's so regrettable?” Namtar left the town of humans and returned to the swamp where he lived. He continued to study various herbs and poisonous weeds, in order to compile his knowledge into a book.

        This day, he climbed up a cliff to pluck a rare poisonous herb growing on the top, only to see a hole. Inside which there was a book.

        “Tome of Fate? Could it be fate that led me here?” Just as Namtar was about to stretch out his hand, a venomous snake suddenly sprang out from the depths of the hole, spouting viciously and threateningly at him. Caught off guard, he slipped and fell, breaking several bones.

        “So it’s a snake’s lair over there, but it’s impossible for the flood to rush the Tome of Fate to such a high place. It should be some animals that carried the book into this snake hole. Anyone who takes it will either be bitten or fall to death. It must be fate. Fate wants me to stay away from the Tome of Fate right? Very well, then I won’t bother anymore.” Namtar endured the pain and went home to recuperate. However in the next few days, there were a lot of stray thoughts in his head, which made him unable to concentrate on doing anything or to sleep.

        “Fate wants it to stay in the lair, right?”

        “But that day I was planning to go to other places to collect herbal medicine. Only when I saw the poisonous herb on the cliff, I found the Tome of Fate by coincidence. This must be the arrangement of fate, which allows me to discover the book. In this case, it means fate wants me to retrieve the Tome of Fate.”

        “No, perhaps fate is trying to tell me to give up. Otherwise, the book wouldn’t be placed in such an inconvenient location.”

        “But...As long as I’m more cautious, there should still be a way to deal with that venomous snake. If I don’t take action, it might go against the will of fate.” The more Namtar thought about it, the more he got confused.

        “Oh fate, I’ve been following you wholeheartedly. If you don't give me a guide, how am I supposed to go on?”

        “The teacher said that I won’t understand my destiny, maybe that’s what this means right? The guidance of fate is confusing and difficult to interpret.” After days of bewilderment, Namtar, gazing at the rising sun, had made a decision.

        “I’m going to try. Whether I can get it or not, whether I’ll die or not, it’s all on fate.” He collected several kinds of poisonous herbs, dried them to make incense and lit them at the bottom of the cliff. The dense smoke drifted into the snake’s lair, forcing the snakes to flee unbearably.

        “I did it! Fate really wants me to get the Tome of Fate!” Namtar finally had the book. However, the writing on it was soaked in water and became completely unreadable.

        “Of course, this is the arrangement of fate. Accidents happen no matter how hard you try.” Although it was in vain, Namtar still remained calm. If it wasn’t for this wasted effort, he would never understand what fate had to tell him.

        “If nothing is done, nothing will happen and nothing will be learned. Do as best as we can, obey the fate. This is what fate is about.”