Anubis slowly stood up, finding himself to become exactly the same as an animal…

        “What...what have I become?” Cursed by the wraiths, Anubis could not get rid of the mask. He did try to pull it off by force, but what he immediately felt was a tremendous pain, which made him stop. Suddenly, words of the priest he met in the country flashed in his mind. Then, he covered up himself with rag in the alley and rushed to a temple.

        Anubis yelled as he knocked on the door. “Open the door! I’m Anubis!” However, no one responded. After a while, he calmed down and requested politely. “Please help me. I really don’t know what to do…”

        At the moment, the door was opened. “Come in,” the priest popped his head and said.

        Anubis took off the rag to reveal his jackal body. To his surprise, the priest was not frightened at all, as if he knew this would happen in advance.

        As Anubis told the whole story to the priest, he used energy to sense the curse left by the wraiths, attempting to break it. Unfortunately, the curse was more than he could manage alone. “It’s too strong for me. I’m afraid that you have to seek help from the high priest,” he shook his head helplessly.

        “High priest?”

        “He is the top among us. I heard that he is living in the holy temple in the desert. Go find him.” The priest then handed a map to him; without hesitation, Anubis set out at night immediately.

        Instructed by the map, Anubis found that holy temple sitting in the desert. The temple had been long eroded by winds, looking dilapidated. When he was hesitant to go in, an old voice sounded. “Traveller, aren’t you tired standing outside?”

        Anubis opened the door in perplexion. Sitting there was an old man, who was blank gazing at the front but not at Anubis.

        “Come to me.”

Following the old man’s instruction, Anubis let the old man touch his head as he crouched next to him. “Those poor souls, those profounding curses, their grudge is too heavy. I’m afraid that only you can lift the curse.” He out his palm on Anubis’s head with a sigh.

        “That means...?”
        “Only by understanding the value of life and death can you unseal your curse.” The old man’s wisdom recalled a memory of Anubis——The last words of the wraiths before they were gone.

        After bidding farewell to the old man, Anubis continued searching for the cure of the curse while figuring out the meaning of life and death.

        During his journey, he heard from other travellers that his homeland was under attack by the neighbouring country. For the sake of the people he loved, Anubis hurried back home.

        When he arrived in the country, it was already besieged by enemies. City walls became war-torn; everywhere was shrouded in black smoke...As he thought that his family might be in great danger, Anubis became anxious and unsettling, and by then he finally realized life was so fragile yet so priceless. However, now he was alone and the wraiths were not willing to listen to him.

        “Please! I beg you! Lend me strength! I’m willing to live under the curse for the rest of my life to save the innocent!” He knelt on the ground, shouting.

        Light spheres began to appear; the wraiths gradually revealed themselves and said, “We will give you strength, only to stop this war…”

        Without the restraint of chains, the wraiths were willing to fight under the command of Anubis.
        A soul of general was on the sidelines at first. But as soon as he realized Anubis was only targeting at those stubborn enemies, he lent a helping hand after knowing his remorse. Soon, Anubis defeated all the enemies in the city, but spared those who fled from fear or surrendered.

        Rushing back to his home, Anubis saw nothing but bricks. Then, he found a hand wearing a ring sticking out of the debris...It was his wife’s. Clearing off the rubble, Anubis saw that his wife and daughter were already dead. No more warmth but stone coldness could be felt from their hands. Tears welled up, dropping to their skin. Yet, they lied motionless.

        Life, once faded, could not be retrieved. Death was a line of separation. Anubis could not help to recall those enemies he had killed under the wraiths’ hands. How many of them were innocent; how many of them had a family?

        A strong sense of guilty conscience burst out of his heart. At the moment, wraiths gathered around Anubis. “Now you understand our pain...You have our forgiveness,’ said the general’s soul. It reached out to remove his curse. However, Anubis turned around and responded, “Let me live on with this form! I shall bear my own pray for the souls of my wife and daughter to rest in peace.”

        Anubis not only buried the bodies of his family, but also the others’. Then, all those souls, who died in this war, slowly appeared from the ground, including his wife and daughter.

        Anubis smiled. “This time, I’ll escort you to the underworld.” “I love you.” As the conversation ended, the wraiths turned into light spheres, flying to his hands. Soon it became a giant sphere. Anubis then carried it back to the holy temple.

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