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DC105 Name Shadowy Bloodlust Amulet
No No. 105 Rarity 3★ Level Lv. 3
Attr Limit Dark Members only Race Limit Demon Members only
Mode Mode DCmd4 Amulet of Reflection Charge Dissolving Dark Runestones
Skill DCsk1 Demon Attack increases by 15% for 1 Round. Points Required:2000
DCsk2 3% of Damage dealt to enemies will be converted to HP for 1 Round. The max HP Recovery is 50% of Summoner's total HP (no superimposing; Damage dealt by Active and Leader Skills will not trigger the effect) Points Required:4500
DCsk3 Skill CDs of 2 random Demon -2 Points Required:7000
Origin StagesThe Sharp Blade of the Throne - 3★ Achievement Reward
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