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        After a night of hard work, the beauty laid on her bed. She was sleeping naked with her body white as snow wrapped in luxurious red silk. She heard someone approaching with her spectral ears, so she purposely turned aside, showing her legs seductively and slightly bent her waist for a tempting posture. Yet she found that the steps of the visitor was steady, without a hint of nerves. The beauty then realized the visitor was no ordinary man. She readied herself for the moment when he arrived. She rose and stabbed her claws into his neck, which happened to belong to a double of someone. The xian leaned by the column, grinning as a celestial tiger stared at her fiercely, forcing her back to her bed.
        “I don’t mean to scare you. Pardon me, my Queen!”
        “Please forgive me being unprepared for your arrival, mighty ascetic!”
        “I am sorry for my sudden visit. I come here with my tiger today searching for a fox. Has Your Majesty ever seen a trace of it?”
        “How come an unenlightened woman like me would ever know about all those Xian and Elves?”
        The rumors about the beauty of Your Majesty does do you justice. I wonder have you ever heard a poem about you...” Shen Gongbao recited as a seal was formed within his palm, “Her face ornamented by her hair, as the flowers the lady is fair - ”

        The beauty pounced to stop him, but was subdued by the tiger. She was forced to reveal her true self by the seal in Shen Gongbao’s palm.
        “You better stop that, you imp!” As the beauty’s hands metamorphosed, fox fur started to grow on her and her beautiful voice soon became sharp.
        “ – Her cheeks bloom that the moon hides, like a swan she swiftly glides - "

        Spotted Tiger suddenly turned to Shen Gongbao and leapt towards him. The xian ducked as he murmured a spell. He then helped his tiger to regain consciousness by pointing at the tiger’s forehead. “So you really possess attainment of centuries, no wonder my partner falls for your enchantment.”

        Although the hidden features of the beauty were not fully revealed, yet it was obvious that she was no human, for her face was so pale and her hair became blonde in a blink of an eye. “Don’t you know that you are trespassing on my chamber? Once I yell, you will be shredded into pieces!”

         “Please calm down, my Queen. There’s only one reason I visit you so suddenly tonight.”
        Sitting on her bed, the fox crossed her legs. She waved her hand, and all her minions came out from their hides. Shen Gongbao told her about his senior, Jiang Shang, “I would like Your Majesty to help persuade the king, make me the general to lead the army against the Xian.”
        “This is a piece of cake. But if I help, how will you repay me for that?”
        “You have my gratitude and nothing else.” Shen Gongbao arrogantly raved, “Help me if you are going to do so. Otherwise I am fine with it.”
        “So this is what I’m going to take!” the enchantress said as she winked flatteringly. “If we both do what we want following our hearts, I say, why don’t you join us and live freely in this realm?”
        “Thank you, Your Majesty!” Shen Gongbao nodded and thanked her as he climbed onto his tiger’s back. “But I am not that into the lifestyle like you do.”
        Shen Gongbao left riding his tiger. “ ‘Do what we want following our hearts’? They are merely a gang of elves, with their hearts controlled by their wants!”