Shingen accepted an invitation of a mysterious person to come to a strange island. As long as he could live on there for 28 days, his wish will come true. On the island, he successfully got rid of the mad men, and encountered a few like-minded comrades, fighting with the enemies together. Soon, he teamed up with 6 people.
        “Since there are more and more people in the team, I need to let them know I’m the leader.” Shingen did this not for the benefit of the members, but for himself. He was thinking how he could keep his position unshaken.
        Shingen and the comrades set up a basecamp in an abandoned village surrounded by the woods. One night, they made a bonfire and enjoyed a roasted venison with each other. Shingen stared at Kenshin who was wolfing a haunch down. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she noticed Shingen’s stare.
        “You’re the manliest woman I’ve ever met.” Shingen’s words had provoked Kenshin. “Does it matter? The one who survived on this island will be the winner. Don’t you get it?” she said in a low voice.
        “Tut! What a rude woman.” Although Shingen was displeased, he had to endure it if he wanted to win the members’ support. When everyone was about to finish the supper, Shingen stood up and announced his plan. Looking at the comrades, he said confidently…
        “As our team is getting bigger, it’s time for us to elect a leader and set up rules, in order to manage our conduct.” “Shingen is the best choice. He is strong and clever. I’m sure he is competent to be the leader.” A young man Hattori suggested.
        “As expected, I’ve saved Hattori’s life. Of course he will nominate me,” Shingen thought.

        There was no objection in the team, except for a man with a hat. “I’m not interested. I quit,” Azai said indifferently as he stood up.
        “No!” Shingen rebuked. He knew his tone was too tough, so he calmed down and continued, “I can’t let you fight the enemies alone. It’s too dangerous.” “I’ve made up my mind.”
        “Why doesn't he listen to me...I’ll make him obey!” Shingen came to a decision in his mind. “Alright, but it’s late at night. Take a rest and you may leave tomorrow.”
Azai nodded. He leant against the wall outside the house alone. Suddenly, he woke up as he sensed someone’s hostility. Azai pulled out his blade and parried it by instinct.
        Clashed! The weapons collided with each other! Shingen never expected Azai would fight back; he took a few steps back and balanced himself with his feet. Both of them were wrestling with each other; their weapons trembled as they put more strength into it.
        “You came,” Azai said calmly, as if he had already known his coming, which made Shingen even more impatient.
        “He completely looks down on me...No one can defy me!” Shingen raised his sword and did a front sweep from a crouched position; Azai dodged it by using his blade as a lever to do a front flip. However, by the time he landed, Shingen’s sword was already close to Azai’s neck. Azai lost the battle.
        “It seems you’ve already known why I’m here,” Shingen said maliciously.
        “Stay or die. This is what you want to say.” “Since you knew it, I guess you’ll change your mind, right?”
        “No. Kill me or let me go,” Azai responded calmly; Shingen, instead, had a sour look on his face.
        “He would rather die than obey me! Humph! I’ll fulfill his wish then——” At this moment, Shingen heard footsteps coming. “It seems the battle has awoken the others. If I kill Azai now, my plan will be ruined...” Shingen put back his sword and said, “Leave! Don’t come back.”
        Azai left without saying a word; Shingen kept watching until he saw Azai vanished in the woods.
        “Now no one will hinder me from being a leader. Everyone should obey me.” Shingen grinned and met his comrades.

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