The beach was swarming with people, who were devoted to say their prayers with the patriarch every day. This tribe was blessed by the ocean. The high and low tide had formed a natural barrier for the villagers that outsiders could hardly find this place, free from any troubles.

        Standing on a weirdly large seashell in the center of the ocean, the patriarch said his prayer; the villagers knelt on the ground to show their respect to the nature by striking some kind of primitive musical instrument made of corals.

        Shiva, young and vigorous, was clearly bored by this everyday routine. He broke the instrument into pieces and made a sand castle.

        “Someday I’ll leave this boring place. I want to live in a magnificent palace. Sleep on a couch, enjoy the fresh tropical fruit and feel this world…” Different from the villagers, Shiva yearned for pursuing his dream.

        “Shiva!” The patriarch stopped to shout. Everyone was laying their eyes on Shiva, who was playing with his sand castle in such a solemn occasion. His disrespect provoked the patriarch, who thought that he had ruined the entire ritual and insulted the nature.

        As a punishment, Shiva was tied to a trunk on the shore for introspection. Thanks to the ocean, it lowered the temperature under the two blazes of scarlet light in the sky. He was content with his lot. However, the tide was rising, gradually to his throat. Then, Shiva knew he was in danger.

        Looking around, he found that the villagers had already gone hunting and farming. No one was going to help untie the ropes. As the danger loomed ahead, Shiva struggled to break free…

        “Last night, a bolt of lightning struck several houses. You’re lucky not getting killed Shiva.”

        “Shiva, how could you survive the shark attack!? Everyone is calling you the son of luck.”

        Recalling his thrilling experience, Shiva began to doubt whether he was actually lucky, or unlucky to always face such close-to-death situation.

        The sea level was engulfing him. “I can’t give up; I still want to pursue my dream!”

        Shiva had become transparent that all meridians were visible. Inside his body it was like a vast galaxy; countless iridescent speckles resembled the constellation in the space. Then, they were turned into vortex spreading over each energy channels.

        At this moment, he heard murmurs of the nature in his mind. “We’re endless...Born or’s a cycle.”

        Shiva was light as feather, for his spirit had already left his own body and integrated into the sea. He was the sea, bubbles and waves.

        “I’m the sea; and the sea is me.” Strong energy flowed within his entire body. The ropes and the trunk were immediately dissolved into dust and vanished in the water. When Shiva woke up, he was floating on the ocean. Gazing at the sky, he did not remember anything just happened as his mind was completely blank.

        “Well...another close-to-death experience again…”

        Suddenly, a deafening noise reached his ears. Shiva, in a panic, saw a cloud of black smoke come out of the village. Perturbed by a bad feeling, he climbed up a tree and discovered that the villagers were battling with some unfamiliar soldiers!

        “Darn it! I won’t let them destroy my village!”

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