17.3 Northern Dipper Story Ch. 2

        Tick, tick.

        It was raining outside. Raindrops made a continuous dripping noise on the roof, but this was merely a mild case. The water just infiltrated through the roof and dripped down the house——

        “Whoa! It’s cold!” A droplet dripped precisely into a man’s throat, waking him up to cough.

        Being wide awake, the man decided to leave the room. When he swept his wet bang aside, a refined face was unveiled together with an unearthly elegance.

        “Ugh, poor me...I’m supposed to be practicing with hot baes in Heavenly Kingdom…”

        In fact, this man Tan Lang was no mortal. He was a Xian, one of the seven Northern Dipper stars from Heavenly Kingdom. Before everything had gone wrong, the leading star Zi Wei brought the whole crew to secretly battle a monster, but then it turned out to be a total failure. The worst thing was that they were expelled out of Heavenly Kingdom until they made one hundred wishes come true.

        Zi Wei set up an agency in a ragged house to pitch for business, so that they could reach the goal sooner. Yet things just never went as expected…

        Walking into the lounge, Tan asked Zi Wei covering in dirt, “Zi Wei, what are you up to?”

        “I’m cleaning up this place to attract more customers. Speaking of which, would you——”

        “I gotta seize the good weather and pitch for customers! Bye!”

        “Huh? But it was raining cats and dogs outside…” Zi Wei was confused by Tan Lang in hurry.

        “A Xian doing household cleaning, seriously? This can’t keep going on...I gotta get us more business for the sake of my wonderful Xian life!” Tan Lang sworn to himself as he looked around for potential customers.

        At this moment, he found a lady crying under the ledge. Unable to ignore ladies in tears, Tan Lang approached and talked in a low voice, “my lady, why are you crying? If you don’t mind, I can share your sorrow with you.”

        “What else can hurt a woman so bad other than love,” the lady mumbled, wiping away her tears. “My husband fools around, abandoning our family. I’m just a powerless woman. What can I do?”

        “Do you want him back?”

        As the lady nodded, Tan Lang made a promise with a wild grin, “then I’ll make your wish come true!”

        In an over-perfumed chamber, there was an obese man hugging a indecently-dressed girl. The girl talked alluringly, “didn’t you say you’re going to pay to end my contract here? You’re making Carol impatient.”

        “Very soon honey. Just let me divorce that old woman. Come over baby. Give me a kiss.” Just when the obese man was about to kiss, Tan Lang barged into the chamber.

        “What the hell are you doing here?” The man yelled at Tan Lang but got nothing in response.

        The obese man turned to a lady who just entered the room and said, “hey bosslady, that boy just barged in and ruined my play——”

        “How dare you call him like that! This is master Tan Lang we’re talking about!” The bosslady cut him off in a mean tone; next second, she looked at Tan Lang as if she was in love.

        “You...Carol, what the hell is wrong with the bosslady today?” The obese man was furious.

        “Sir please don’t...Ahh…”

        Tan Lang blew a magical breath at Carol; Absorbing the Xian power, Carol first fell in a trance; then she pushed the man away immediately.

        “Get the hell away from me you pile of fat! I need to spend some quality time with master Tan Lang!”

        Stumbling on the floor, the obese man mumbled with a face full of surprise, “what...what just happened…”

        At this moment, Tan Lang crouched down to talk to that man with a fake smile, “this is a little punishment to you, for your negligence of your family.”

        “Honey…” The wife showed up and said to her husband, “go home. Our kid is waiting.”

        “So it’s you who started this…” After some mumbles, the obese man then slapped his wife hard. When he raised his hand to give another slap, Tan Lang caught his wrist.

        “Women are born to be loved, but you hurt her...I’ll show you some manner!” Tan Lang kicked the man hard at his enormous belly; the wife held him back before he made another kick.

        “...Let him go,” asked the wife.

        The request had talked Tan Lang down. As he set the husband free, the husband fled the scene like a rat.

        “I’m sorry. I failed to make your wish come true…” Tan Lang apologized shamefully.

        “No, you did it,” said the relieved lady, stroking her swollen cheek. “Because I’ve changed my wish.”


        “That slap was a wake-up call. I can’t waste my life for that piece of garbage. Ever since that moment, I wished you could kick that bastard’s ass. Now that you’ve made my wish come true, I can finally move on to a new chapter! Thank you so much,” the lady explained, bowing deeply to Tan Lang.

        Tan Lang was shocked by her confession, but then he raised a smile while looking at the diminishing figure of the lady. Rubbing his chin, her words had inspired him an idea about mortals.

        “Maybe the mortals are tougher than we thought.”

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