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        It was raining that day, and Shu was watching over the Ancestral Elements with Seth as usual. All of a sudden, there was a shadow running into the shrine. It seemed that she was looking for somewhere to hide.

        “Are you here to steal the Ancestral Elements?” Seth shouted at the wild beast.

        “No, I am not! I am just looking for a place to hide...”

        The delicate voice attracted Shu’s attention. Over the years, apart from thieves who aimed at the elements, no one dared to enter the shrine before. This cat was the first.

        “What is your name?” Shu also appeared. His eyes was attracted by the appearance of the cat. It was the first time ever in his life to feel that his heart skipped a beat.


        ‘Tefnut...’ Shu repeated it in his mind.

        All of a sudden, they heard someone speaking outside the shrine...

        “Where has that rare beast gone?”

        “Find it, quick!”

        Hearing the conversation, Tefnut was frightened. Seth hid himself in the dark again. “This has nothing to do with me,” he said.

        Shu lowered its tail. “Climb on!”

         Tefnut was shocked, but she still did as he said. Cornered, she was out of options. Shu carried Tefnut to a dark corner of the shrine. They stayed there until the people were gone. Then, they landed back to the ground.

        “Thank you for saving me.” The rain let up as Tefnut spoke. Shu was looking at what happened outside in shock. “This is my power, perhaps. Since I was born, the weather would change with my emotions. When I am happy, it would be sunny; when I am sad, it would be raining. It’s always been like that.” Tefnut smiled. Shu could feel that the world outside is so big. There were still a lot that he did not know.

        From the day onward, Tefnut came for Shu frequently. She told Shu many things that he had not known before. Listening to Tefnut's stories, Shu became increasingly fascinated about the world outside. One day, Shu finally decided to go against his fate. He left the shrine together with Tefnut and the crystal of Ancestral Elements, heading to explore the unknown world...