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        As Shu, Ra and Tefnut travelled from place to place, they helped different people. The three of them strived for the “Utopia” that Ra suggested. One night, they rested at a mound before they set out for another city the next morning. Ra and Tefnut laid under the tree. Shu was looking at the crystal of Ancestral Elements in his claw alone, recalling every single details of his past memories.

        Since the moment of birth and consciousness, Shu had been guarding the elements as if he was assigned to do so. He did not know the reason and did not ask why. It was just like his own instinct to carry out the mission of guarding the elements. He had been staying together with Seth, and guarded them for tens of thousands of years. As for the reason why they should protect the elements, Shu could never truly understand. Thinking about Seth, he could not help but sighed. They had been getting along well, but they still had to fight for that they could not understand each other. Although what he did was approved by Seth at last, deep in Shu’s heart, he was still feeling sorry for leaving Seth alone.

        “What are you thinking about?” Tefnut’s voice came into Shu’s ears.

        “Nothing, really.”

        “This thing... what is it?” Ra pointed at the light ball in Shu’s claw.

        “Ancestral Elements, right?”

        “Yes, that’s what Seth and I has been protecting.”

        “What actually are Ancestral Elements?”

        “Well... I only know that they are a great power which could even be used to construct the world. The legend has it that, in the distant past, the Primordial Dragons created our world using this power.”

        “If it is really that strong, why do you two have to watch over it?”

        “That’s exactly why it should be watched over,” said Ra. “There’s no good power or bad power. It all depends on the will of the user. If it is in the hands of villains, the result will be disastrous.”

        “Shu, you had better keep it carefully. Don’t take it out and play with it anymore!”

        ”You’re right.” Shu smiled.

        ‘How is Seth doing now?’ Shu looked up the starry sky, remembering his old friend who was miles apart from him.

        Ra had never thought the light ball that Shu had been carrying next to him possessed such a great power. He finally realized that the Utopia that he had been searching for was actually next to him. He started planning something new...