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        There was a white cat skulking in the forest. He was worried about getting lost, but more of his worries came from the traps which might alarm the security guards in the tribe when he fell into it. He had only gone through the way to the shrine once, and his eyes were muffled then... He could just rely on his feeling and memory to find the only way towards the shrine.

        He was ordered to steal the Ancestral Elements. In order to get the job done, he had no choice but to transform into a cat to sneak into the tribe. He approached the descendants of the deity. They loved each other, but the cat still chose to betray his love. He did all these just because he wanted to finish the commissioned job. He must not fail, otherwise all his efforts would be futile.

        The mercenary band of the cat had created chaos outside the tribe and driven the guardian of the shrine away, so that when he arrived at the shrine, he could go to the gate and open it at ease. When the cat entered the shrine, he immediately found the Ancestral Elements he wanted. He ran towards it excitedly, but was then stopped by a voice to his surprise.

        “Why are you here?” Shu appeared from the darkness.

        “I’m just here to sightsee.”

        Shu lowered his head and looked into the cat’s eyes. “Really?”

        The cat laughed dryly. He hid his extended claws behind his back, just waiting for the right moment.

        Shu just felt that something was wrong. The residents in the tribe would not come to the shrine without reason; moreover, only certain members of the tribe even knew where the exact location of the shrine was... When Shu was about to grab the cat and question him, the cat took the opportunity and struck at his eyes.

        Shu moaned in pain. The scratched eye was as painful as a burn. The cat immediately took away some of the Ancestral Elements, and left Spiritual Civilization that very night.

        “You stupid animals!” Shu felt that he had been betrayed. He placed the blame on the members of the tribes. He reckoned that it was them who had told the outsider the location of the shrine. In order to punish them, Shu cursed the tribe...

        “There will no longer be any rain. Lakes and rivers will dry up. The land will crack and crops will wilt!”