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        “I now grant you the power of the stars. You’ll carry the sparkle of Orion and fight in the name of all beings.”


        Orion was kneeling on the ground, bowing his head low. The Sagittarius astralist waved his hand, and the stars of Orion showed up on the night sky. Dazzling sparkles descended into Orion’s body. He smiled at the Sagittarius astralist as he felt a warm power running through his veins, knowing that he wasn’t a mortal anymore. His journey as a constellation began.

        After receiving the power, Orion had been travelling around to help people in need. He never involved himself in wars, but he always saved innocent civilians out of warzones. As time went by, he realised that there was actually very little he could do, even with the power of the astralist.

        Arriving at a village near the warzone, there were massive casualties as the villagers didn’t know how to fight, let alone having weapons and armor. Orion carried a severely injured girl, trying to heal her with astralist power. Yet she kept bleeding no matter how much power he poured into healing her.

        “Am… I dying..?” The girl gasped.

        “Don’t worry. You’re gonna be fine,” Orion said with a smile, trying to lift her up. Right after his words, the girl stopped breathing and passed away in fear. Orion cried out loud, for he never succeeded in saving innocent lives. Eventually, he felt tired of bearing the responsibility of constellation as he didn’t want anymore of the helpless feeling. Then he decided to be a hermit and stayed out of any affairs.

        On a hunting day, a small dog staggered towards Orion. It laid down on the ground and revealed its belly, signalling Orion to give it a belly rub.

        Right before Orion touched the dog, another bigger dog pounced out of the bushes, scaring Orion to stumbling on the ground. When the attack didn’t hit him as he had braced for, he found that the bigger dog laid on the ground like the smaller dog did. It acted like “what are you waiting for? Come rub me!” At this moment, the smaller dog barked at the bigger one fiercely. Then the two of them chased each other, making Orion burst into laughter.

        “Come here! Stop fighting,” Orion said as he threw a large piece of ham at them. Very soon, the two dogs wolfed the meat. Seeing their contented looks, Orion finally felt that he could save lives. Later on, he made them name tags—— “Marble” for the smaller dog and “Mitty” for the larger dog. Since then, the two dogs had been living with Orion, and he was happy to have them accompanied. Sometimes Marble would gave order to Mitty during hunting, and that made Orion call Marble “the best commander”.

        In a tranquil night, a painful animal scream suddenly sounded outside Orion’s cabin. Inspecting around, he found a white cat lying in the bushes nearby, covered in blood. The cat was too weak to struggle. When Orion was taking the cat inside his cabin, Marble and Mitty blocked the way. They also barked at the cat fiercely, warning Orion not to bring it in; And they refused to give in no matter how Orion persuaded them.

        “Enough! If you refuse to obey, then stay outside the cabin!” Yelling at Marble and Mitty, Orion carried the white cat into the cabin and shut them out.

        Orion placed the cat on the table then covered it with a blanket.

        “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” Orion calmed the gasping cat and injected the astralist power into its body. Later on, he felt relieved as the cat was recovering. The exhausted Orion sat down to catch a breath. Looking at the cat on the table, he felt contented to save another life.

        At this moment, the moan of Marble and the scratches of Mitty sounded at the doorstep. Giving a wry smile, Orion felt bad for throwing attitude at them earlier, so he went to open the door. Once he did it, he saw Marble and Mitty waiting for him with their waving tails.

        “I’m sorry. The situation was too urgent. That’s why I…”

        Orion stopped talking suddenly, while Marble and Mitty were looking at his chest frighteningly. Looking down, he found his chest penetrated by three lethal purple claws. As his blood was streaming down, the murderer pulled out the claws, leaving the dying Orion on the floor. Turned out the murderer was that seemingly weak white cat.

        Licking the claws, the cat talked to Orion with disdain, “this is way easier than I thought.”

        Orion pressed hard against his chest, but it didn’t stop him from bleeding. Marble barked loudly, signalling Mitty to attack together. Meanwhile the cat smirked and agilely pounced on Mitty. Flipping in the air, the cat then kicked at Marble to the table.

        “Hehe, bunch of weaklings,” said the cat who then jumped into bushes and vanished.

        Both Marble and Mitty walked towards Orion and licked Orion’s wound gently, but Orion had already come to the last moment of his life.

        “I didn’t live up to the name of constellation...I failed in helping people in my whole life...Even if you two are my only legacy...Please live on…” said Orion in his last breath.

        “Woof?” Mitty and Marble were confused. Meanwhile, Orion pressed on their heads to transfer the astralist power to them. At this moment, the constellation of Orion on the night sky gradually shifted into Canis Major and Minor.

        After the transfer, Marble and Mitty suddenly got the ability to stand on two feet and talk like a human being.

        “Look, Orion! Look!”

        Marble kept shouting excitedly, but Orion could no longer share their joy. The resonance of soul eventually became quiet; the soul of Orion turned into light dust, fading away in the dark.

        “Someday we’ll see you again. Someday…” The griefing howl of two dogs broke the silence of the night...