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        Where was the best weekend getaway in summer? Azure beach, obviously. Meanwhile, the street next to the beach was packed with people looking for signature snacks.

        “Sophie is selling soy pudding here, the sweet and smooth soy pudding!” Sophie, the owner of the soy pudding eatery on the street, was pitching for business. Her bright, uplifting smile had gotten herself a lot of customers.

        Across the street, there was an ice-cream shop, where Icy, the shopkeeper was pitching too.

        “Buy 1 scoop get 1 scoop! Getting 2 scoops with the price of a soy pudding!” Icy shouted towards the soy pudding eatery on purpose, stealing customers with the “buy 1 get 1 free” discount.

        “Everyone, don’t be fooled! The portion is less than a pudding even the 2 scoops are added up!” As Sophie trashed back, the customers returned to her eatery.

        “Small bowl, lesser pudding!” Icy scowled at Sophie.

        “If you wanna be a pile of fat and get diabetes , go to the ice-cream shop!”

        “Ah-huh? You can tell me if this is obesity looks like!” The provoked Icy took off her jacket to reveal an eye-popping body in bikini.

        Icy rushed to the queue outside the soy pudding eatery with 2 huge scoops of ice-cream in hands. “These are huge. Very, very huge.” Obviously she wasn’t just talking about the ice-cream.

        “Take my money! Take my money! Take my money!” All the customers were drooling because of the impressive size of the “globes”. Icy successfully stole the show along with Sophie’s customers. Next second, the craze for ice-cream was all over the street.

        “Humph! You’re not the one invented bikini!” Sophie took off her jacket to keep up in this competition.

        “Oops, looks like we’ve got a minor here. Can someone get her a jacket?” After throwing sarcasm at Sophie, Icy continued pitching with her charisma.

        “Haven’t you heard of quality over quan——AH!” The agitated Sophie accidentally bit her tongue, dropping the tear of pain.

        “Aw, really? Crying is all you’ve got? Mark this down, honey. Quantity always goes before quality.” Then Icy ignored Sophie and returned to her business. “XL double scoop ice-cream! Too big to grab them with your hands! Oh, the ice-cream is melting.”

        As Icy raised her arms, the melted cream slid down all the way into her bikini eventually, leaving a white trail on her collarbone.

        “Ouch, my bikini became sticky…” Icy raised her eyebrow a bit.

        “If you like getting white things on yourself that much…” Sophie threw soy pudding at the dramatic Icy, making a real mess on her.

        Getting herself together, Icy immediately scooped her ice-cream to fight back. “Eat my ice-cream!”

        A harmless quarrel had eventually escalated into a physical fight. During this war, ice-cream and soy pudding were thrown everywhere.

        “WHOAAA!” A customer slipped on the melted cream. As he fell backward, a chain reaction was triggered. Very soon, the long, packed queue was tripped like dominos.

        During the chaos, someone tried to stand up on his feet. What he didn’t know was that the person behind him was grabbing his pants for balance. When the loose pants were pulled down, a cute panty with pink lace was revealed.

        As Sophie and Icy looked closely, turned out that lace man was the mayor, who was embarrassed to the core.

        The furious mayor yelled, “THE TWO OF YOU, GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS TOWN——!”