With the help of Zhurong, the land was flourishing, which attracted more and more people at the foot of the mountain moving in, just like a small country. Meng Huo lived a simple life with Zhurong in the mountain, staying out of the bustle. He thought it would last forever.
        Meng Huo’s father had died of a severe illness. His brothers were having a infighting for the throne of a tribal chief. Meng Huo was not interested in scrambling for the authority. He thought this matter had nothing to do with him, but something went wrong…
        One day morning, a servant rushed into the hall and stumbled in front of Meng Huo: “Master, something goes wrong. There is a large number of troops outside!”
        “What!?” There was a sense of foreboding in Meng Huo’s mind. He said to Zhurong: “Dear, bring the women into the hall and hide. Others, bring your weapons and follow me.”
        Meng Huo picked up his weapon and headed towards the entrance of the mountain with a hundred of male servants. He saw all the farmlands were destroyed and dozens of his servants were killed on his way to the destination. Meng Huo was furious about his loss!
        “I’ll never forgive the one who did such a cruel thing!”
        Soon, Meng Huo got his answer. A man in armor looked at Meng Huo on a horse.
        “Brother! Did you do that?”
        “Meng Huo, my 13th little brother, you embezzled the tribal crops and intended to make yourself a king. As a tribal chief, I must sentence you to death for the sake of our clan!”
        “I don’t want to be a king at all! I just want to live in here.”
        “Nonsense! Listen, army! Kill all the people on this land!” As the tribal chief waved his right hand, numerous soldiers marched on the mountain and raised their weapons with bloodlust.
        The situation became chaotic. Countless civilians were screaming for help. The peasants were no match for the experienced soldiers. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of the servants were dead.
        “How could it be? I just want to have a peaceful life...I have to protect Zhurong at all costs!”
        Meng Huo was filled with bloodlust and roared like a beast. The soldiers around him were all frightened by his rage. Meng Huo immediately grabbed a soldier’s lance and charged at the tribal chief , but he was eventually stopped by the other soldiers. Meng Huo went ballistic and grumbled: “It’s all your fault! As long as I kill you, everything will be fine!”
        Meng Huo’s desire had stimulated his potential. Beclouded by the burning bloodlust, Meng Huo went berserk, killing most of the soldiers. Then, he came up to kill the tribal chief with his lance——
        However, he did not succeed. The reinforcement subdued him on the ground. At this moment, the tribal chief dismounted from the horse and pointed his sword at him.
        “You dared to hurt me, betrayer! I’ll show you no mercy——Are these...flames? A-a devil——!”
        The tribal chief and the soldiers were stunned by the fire beast. They let go of him and fell back in horror. Zhurong, who was mounting the beast, reached out and said: “Get on!”
        Meng Huo, who was already black and blue, got up and held her hand. Zhurong shouted and the fire beast began to gallop away. Back to his sanity, the chief tribal commanded as he pointed at Zhurong and Meng Huo: “Get them now! They dared to use the sorcery on me. Kill them!”
        The tribal chief galloped with his soldiers to chase the fire beast down. The speed of the fire beast was slower than the horses as it was carrying two people. Soon, the army would catch up. As Meng Huo was going to jump off to reduce weight, he was grabbed by Zhurong.
        “Both of us will be caught sooner or later if we continue like this. I don’t want you to get hurt!”
        “We’ll be fine.” Zhurong whistled.
        The woods lit up as she gave a whistle. All of a sudden, countless fire arrows were fired at the tribal chief and his soldiers, letting out screams of terror. Then, a large number of assassins appeared in the mountain entrance and surrounded the soldiers.
        Zhurong withdrew the fire beast and carried up the injured Meng Huo. Both of them stared at such land, which was being engulfed by the flames. It used to be his home built up bit by bit, but now it had turned into ruins in a half day.
        “My land...I could do nothing…” Meng Huo burst into tears. He asked as he was dejected: “Dear, have you already known my brother’s coming?”
        “Yes. He killed all your brothers. You’re the only one left.”
        “Then why don’t you tell me?”
        “It’s because I have to end this once and for all.”
        “...Even if you know you will put the innocent lives at stake?”
        “Yes. The civilians and you are the decoy. I did so to ensure the tribal chief and his henchman coming here, then strike back.”
        “Why bothers saving me if you treat me as a decoy?”
        “You’re my husband, and the only successor of the tribe.”
        “It’s only because I’m still useful to you...haha…”
        “I know you hate me, but killing me does not help anything.”
        “No!” Meng Huo shouted. “You live with that people in the mountain. Do you feel nothing for their sacrifice?”
        “No, not at all.”
        So, you could just hate me——Although these words stayed in Zhurong’s heart, Meng Huo had already read her mind.
        “Even if you’re cruel and selfish, I cannot give up on you.” Meng Huo hugged Zhurong and cried: “It’s because I do love you. In spite of the sacrifice of those innocent lives, I still feel grateful as long as you’re alive.”

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