“No… LET ME GO!” A girl’s scream sounded on the plains, drawing Perseus’s attention. He approached with light footsteps; A girl was cornered by few werewolves. They grabbed the girl’s arms, about to attack. Perseus pulled out his sword and rushed into the scene. In just a few moves, all weapons dropped from the werewolves’ hand. Perseus threw a bag of jerky at them.

        “Leave!” Perseus commanded. Fear of his strength, the werewolves picked up the jerky and fled the scene. He went back to check on the girl who stumbled on the ground. She had a long, baby blue hair; Her hair resembled the sky at Perseus’s hometown, crystal clear and shiny.

        “Are you alright?” Perseus bent to reach his hand to the girl. She raised her head , looking at him with a pair of blue eyes as if those could read anyone’s mind.

        “Thank you.” She said with a smile.

        “The plains are crawling with monsters. Something bad could happen on delicate girl like you. Go home.”

        “No. I must go to the opposite side of the plains. My hometown can only be saved unless I go there.”

        “Doesn’t your hometown have other people? Why would they send a girl like you——”

        “I have to go there. It’s my justice.”

        “I can see myself in her. We’re persistent in upholding our own foolish faith…” Perseus thought as he was touched by her perseverance. “Alright. I’ll get you there. I’ve got nothing to do anyway, he answered.


        “My justice wouldn’t let me leave a girl in a dangerous place like there.”

        Perseus accompanied the girl throughout the trip. Their conversations amazed him, like they had known each other since forever; And she knew him even better than himself.

        Perseus followed the girl to the once familiar realm, the realm of gods, without noticing it. He saw the fierce battle between his old companions and the Zodiacs from the cliff afar, realizing this girl wasn’t usual.

        “Who are you exactly?” Perseus asked and looked at the girl—— she had already resumed her true figure, a mighty woman in a splendid priestess wear.

        “I’m Giemsa, the Goddess of Order. I keep the world in balance,” Giemsa said as her eyes were wide open, clear like the sky, open to everything like the ocean; The respect toward her came from the bottom of Perseus’s heart.

        “I’ve been watching you, Perseus. Your sense of justice is stronger than anyone else. You comply with the order, but not bound by it. You have the qualities to defy the gods.”

        “But…they’re too powerful. I’m way out of the league.”

        “Don’t worry. I’ll help. This is the power left by my old friend. It’s time to use it,” Giemsa said as she closed her eyes and joined her hand. Stars twinkled in the dark as if they were resonating with her, spreading sparkling light dusts and gathering at her hands. A soft light sphere was formed, spinning like the cycle of life.

        Perseus knelt and raised his head with a deep reverence. Giemsa moved her hands by his lips, pouring the light sphere into his mouth. The sphere slid into his throat and warmed his body.

        “Power, I feel the power of astralist spreading in my body…” Perseus relaxed himself to accept the blessing from the astralist. Just a moment and the power was fused with him.

        “Don’t be fooled by shapes. A pretty face does mean to have a kind heart,” Giemsa stepped off and reminded Perseus.

        “I understand. I used to believe that the gods were the absolute justice, but their true faces are even uglier than demons,” Perseus said as he looked at the savage faces of the gods. They were attacking the Zodiacs.

        “Go help the Zodiacs. For the sake of the world.” Under the guidance of Giemsa, Perseus headed to the battlefield with the new power acquired, fighting to make his justice prevail.

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