‘Hateful Gods! They never leave the sidelines!’

        “When the Demons took everything from me, where are those so-called ‘Gods’?”

        “I want the power that can match those Gods! And burn all of them into ashes!”

        The wars had taken lives of many, filling the Underworld with the dead’s resentment.

        In the Grand Hall of the Underworld, there was a dark-purple gemstone. Since the day it was excavated from the river of the Underworld, it had been placed there. The stone listened to all the mournful wail of the dead souls, and witnessed the cruelty of all. Its hatred of the Gods grew day by day. However, it could not break free from the seal. No matter how hateful he was, he could only watch silently...

        That day, everything was happening as they would on an ordinary day: numerous dead souls was floating in the river, and Hades still ignored their resentful complaints. The dark purple stone was placed in the center of the Grand Hall. The dragon sealed in the gemstone was slumbering with his eyes closed. All of a sudden, he heard a familiar chant...

        ‘The soft wind shall sing out the spells, awakening the power which hitherto has been slumbering. The meaning of our existence it shall tell. Wake up to hear me singing. Rise and fight, relieve the world’s plight.’

        As the song faded out, the sleeping dragon felt as if a power circulated throughout his body. The power of the Elder Gods of yore was unleashed. At the same time, the gemstone inside the hall was flashing in a dazzling purple light. The immensity of the power was such that reverberations were sent through the entirety of the hall. The debris of the shattered hall and the indignation of the dead built the stone dragon’s body.

        The violent vibration jolted Hades. He immediately hurry to the Grand Hall. To his surprise, he was pressed to the ground by a gigantic claw the moment he opened the gate. When he finally realized what was happening, he discovered to his shock that there was an enormous stone dragon of unknown origin...

        ‘Take me to the Gods...’
        “Are you the one speaking to me?”
        ‘I would only say it once more. Take me to the Gods!’

        Hades noticed that the gemstone at the center of the hall had disappeared, and all of a sudden, a dragon had just appeared from nowhere. Connecting the two incidents, Hades could not help but laugh out loud...

        “Interesting! Really interesting! You want to see the Gods, right? You want to get revenge on the Gods, don’t you?”
        “Then, let me lead you to them! I could not stand the sight of that self-important hypocrite long ago.”

        The stone dragon released Hades from its claws and looked up the sky. ‘What I want is not vengeance, but the punishment for those who are truly sinned!’

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