Cao Cao, who dressed in official clothings, was heading back home on a palanquin. However, two masked assassins were crouching down on eaves, targeting at him. They quietly pulled out their daggers from the waist. As they were about to ambush Cao Cao, someone sneaked up on them! A girl, with a blinder on her left eye, said coldly as she pressed down on them: “Why are you couching down here late at night? Are you guys suffering from insomnia?”
        The assassins were unable to move, but they tried to pull out needles from their sleeves to sting the girl secretly. The girl had already realized their intention, so she kicked them in the back before they pulled out the needles. It was so painful that the assassins let go of the needles right away and screeched out! The girl covered their mouths with her hands quickly and whispered in their ears: “It’s late at night. Hold you noise!”
        The assassins were frightened by the girl. She clenched their necks and threw them down right in front of Cao Cao’s palanquin. They broke their limbs, dying on the ground; Cao Cao got out of the palanquin and sneered at the assassins. Then he pulled out his sword and swung at them. The assassins were beheaded, splashing blood all over the place.
        The girl jumped off from the eaves to the ground agilely leveraging on their corpses. She said as she came up to Cao Cao: “How many assassinations did we encounter this month? More than ten? It seems Dong Zhuo really wants to kill you.”
        “Hahaha!” Cao Cao did not fear at all. He laughed out loud and put back his sword. “Dun, don’t you understand? The cunning Dong Zhuo can’t wait to kill me, which means I’m a threat to him now.”
        He slowly walked back to the palanquin. Xiahou Dun wryly smiled as she followed him: “I can’t believe you could still laugh at it. I’m annoyed! I can’t sleep well every night in order to protect you.”
        “I promise you. This will end soon.” Cao Cao got on the palanquin to continue his way home with Xiahou Dun. She remained alert to the surroundings even if Cao Cao was back home.
        Cao Cao decided to revenge on Dong Zhuo and the emperor who had destroyed his family. By means of his tactics and intelligence, Cao Cao successfully returned to the court, standing against Dong Zhuo. Xiahou Dun had been with him all along——When he was in the court, she was on the beam watching; when he walked on the street, she walked on the eaves; when he was home, she was right beside him. The assassins sent by Dong Zhuo were all taken down by Xiahou Dun, and Cao Cao believed that Dong Zhuo would soon scheme to act with impatience.
        As expected, Dong Zhuo was plotting something.
        One night, Cai Wenji, who had an engagement with Cao Cao, visited Cao’s residence. Although Xiahou Dun sent her off, she did not gave up. Considering her weakness, Cao Cao decided to give her a shelter temporary. In spite of Xiahou Dun’s unwillingness, she still needed to obey Cao Cao’s order and take care of Cai Wenji. Xiahou Dun wanted to ensure she was not hiding weapons in her clothes, but was stunned by the scars in different sizes on her body…
        “Master Cao Cao, she has been abused for a long time.”
        “Dong Zhuo boasts of his cleverness. He thought I’m still a kid, and will be sympathetic to her.”
        “I’ll keep an eye on Cai Wenji’s action.” Xiahou Dun stayed hidden in the dark to observe her behaviour.
        Finally, she saw Cai Wenji sneak out of her bedroom with a bag and hide “something” inside the residence. Xiahou Dun took the “thing” out and reported to Cao Cao after Cai Wenji headed back to her room. It was a familiar thing——a cursed doll with the emperor’s name and horoscope, and there were as many as ten!
        Cao Cao remained silent as he clenched his fists; Xiahou Dun asked: “Master Cao Cao, are you disappointed?”
        Witnessing the former fiancee trying to set him up, Xiahou Dun thought Cao Cao would be displeased more or less. It was the same trick that framed Cao Song before.
        “I’m disappointed.” Cao Cao frowned.
        “I’m disappointed at Dong Zhuo actually, using the same old trick. I guess it’s because he is old. He can’t think of any new idea anymore.” He laughed. It turned out that he did not care about Cai Wenji at all.
        “Dun, do you know that ominous dolls? They’re used to curse people. However, I heard that if the curse fails, its effect will return to the caster.”
        “Understood. An eye for an eye.” Xiahou Dun left; Cao Cao took a sip of tea and grinned.
        A few days after finding those cursed dolls, Dong Zhuo was drunk as a lord. Just as he was about to come back home, he heard screams of his servant suddenly! He got down the palanquin immediately and saw a horrifying scene which made him speechless for a while——there were ten corpses lying in front of his residence. The bodies had marked Dong Zhuo’s name and horoscope. What made him even more furious was that the ten corpses were his right-hand men!
        Dong Zhuo ordered as he angrily got on the palanquin: “Go to Cao’s residence!”
        At that moment, there was a banquet at Cao’s residence, where Cao Cao had invited many ministers for supper and politics. While Cao Cao was busy at treating them to dinner, Xiahou Dun came up to him and whispered: “It’s ready. Dong Zhuo will soon be here.” Cao Cao grinned without saying a word, and his eyes filled with bloodlust.
        Just when everyone was happy drinking wine, Dong Zhuo roared outside suddenly: “Get out of my way! Where is the bastard!? How dare you stand in my way!?”
        The chubby Dong Zhuo broke through the guards and showed up in front of the crowd. Cao Cao signalled the guards to back off. A hush fell over the ministers on the scene and their mood was completely ruined.
        “You bastard——” Dong Zhuo was exhausted, gasping for breath. He shouted abuse at Cao Cao as he walked towards him: “Do you want a piece of me!? Bring it on, you cunning bastard…”
        Xiahou Dun remained alert to Dong Zhuo as he walked close to Cao Cao.
        “You killed ten of my men. I need you to pay for that!” Dong Zhuo pulled out his sword and tried to pierce him through! The ministers were scared off, but Cao Cao just sat still. As Dong Zhuo saw the calm face of Cao Cao, he finally realised it was a setup——Cao Cao provoked him intentionally so that he could deal with Dong Zhuo in the excuse of self defense.
        It was too late to know about the truth. As Dong Zhuo’s sword was about to hit Cao Cao, Dong Zhuo took a heavy blow in his stomach! He was punched into the air, dropping his sword; Xiahou Dun took his sword off hand and stabbed into Dong Zhuo’s heart! He glowered at Xiahou Dun, spitting blood. The sword had pierced through his body, hanging on a pillar in the hall. Cao Cao's ploy made Dong Zhuo turn in his grave...

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