Each monster has two types of skills: Active Skills and Leader Skills. An additional 'skill' available for some monsters is the Combine Skill.

Active Skills can be used when wanted during a battle but have with a cooldown period. During the battle, the CD will begin decrease with each turn. When the CD reaches 0, the skill can be launched at any time. Once used, the CD will reset.

Leader Skills are active at all times during a battle, but only if that particular monster is set as the Team Leader. Leader skills on the ally or adventurer with your team will also be active for the battle.

Combine Skills is a skill where you can combine two monsters into one more powerful monster with enhanced statistics and skills

Team Passive Skills are hidden effects that are applied by having specific combinations of monsters in the team.

Enemy Skills are skill and effects used by enemies, or special conditions in various battles.

Active Skill LevelingEdit


Active Skills can be leveled up to reduce their base cooldown period. Levels are increased by having the monster participate in battles. Levels increase after a set amount of rounds.


Skills can also be levelled by "eating" monsters with the same active skill. ie. and have the same active skill called Offensive Stance - Fire. Using the Volcano Gnome as level up material for Cerberus the Underworld Guard will add its rounds to Cerberus' total and will also have a (low) change of lucky skill up where its skill level will be increased by 1.

Feeding 5 cards with the same active skill together will guarantee an additional increase of skill level. This is on top of the added rounds and any lucky skill up.

When used as level up material, will raise the skill level by 1 at a 100% rate. will add 200 rounds to a skills' total. Used on a skill at Lv. 1, it will instantly raise it to Lv. 5.

Estimated Rounds TableEdit

As of version 7.5, leveling progress can now be seen by tapping on the skill level in a monster's profile card.

Skill Level Rounds Needed
Rounds to next level10 round levels5 round levels
LV 10161.6 --
LV 216191.93.8
LV 33550510
LV 485757.515
LV 51603003060
LV 646050050100
LV 79601,800180360
LV 82,7602,500250500
LV 95,2603,000300600
LV 108,2603,000300600
LV 1111,2603,000300600
LV 1214,2603,000300600
LV 1317,2603,000300600
LV 1420,2603,000300600
LV 1523,260 -- -- --

*Round refers to a wave, not every time runestones are dissolved.

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