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        “Aaargh!” A young man collapsed in the square — Skuld just defeated him with her giant scissors. The soldiers aside cheered loudly, but were soon silenced by Skuld’s discontented gaze. Enraged, Skuld leapt at one of the soldiers, who quickly held up his spear to defend himself. Yet the spear was snipped into half in a split second. The scissors was swiftly pointed at his neck.

        “Thank you for the instruction, daughter of Mimir!” A booming voice came from afar, and a well-built warrior entered the square with a pack of soldiers. Skuld withdrew her scissors and pulled out Mimir’s letter from the book in her left hand. After handing the letter to the warrior, Skuld asked him sternly, “Odin, are you sure you are taking them to battle against the Demons?”

        “They need to gain experience.”

        “How many of them could survive to see tomorrow’s daybreak?”

        “I understand. Yet sacrifice is inevitable. Our clan will always remem...”

        “Clans do not last forever,” she interrupted icily, “but the war between Gods and Demons does.”

        “Skuld, Weaver of the Future,” the warrior clenched his fists: “could you please take back your prophecy?”

        “This is no prophecy.” She heard the screech of her owl, and turned her back on him. “The way you begin is the way you end up.” She then headed towards where the bird flew.

        As one of Mimir’s daughters, Skuld inherited his evocative vision. Following the code in her hands, she trimmed the fate of the world with the help owls’ souls. “In the future, when people take their first step into the starry sky,” Mimir wrote in the books, “the world must make its decision. At one end, earth would break apart, the sun would dim and blazing stars would fall from the sky; at the other, flourishing dwellings would be built across the world, and the trees would yield only the ripest fruits…” Skuld remembered every story Mimir had told, and witnessed people repeating the same mistakes as their forefathers. She was always unsmiling, so as fate. She never revealed her true emotions, and no one knew her thoughts. She was always occupied, trimming countless beginnings and endings for all.

        “‘The flame of future engulfs forests to brighten’. Everything father said is about to begin...” Skuld trimmed fate through actions, preparing the world for the way chosen by all creatures.